Thinkin bout a name change.

(Q) #1

Hey guys. I just wanted your opinion on whether or not I should change my name back to Quinton. I really don’t know if this is a topic of fair discussion, but I almost feel like “Q” has become another part of me, an alter-ego maybe, and that if I change my name. I won’t be “Q” anymore, I’ll just be the lowly Quinton. So have I become known for being the “One Letter Wonder”,. and if I change my name will I get the same reaction. I mean come on. Q is a pretty sweet name. :stuck_out_tongue:



Keep the name Q. :slight_smile:

(M²) #3

I’d use Q, you get to here your real name all day.


I like Q. Thats who we know you as.


yeah i like Q. plus i think there already is a quinton

(Q) #6

thats me. In chat it shows up as Quinton.


Why would you change it in the first place?


oh but in the home page where all the users are it sometimes has a quinton


No, I would keep it as Q. People know you that way here, and we all like it (well at least I do :slight_smile: so yeah…

(Q) #10

Dunno. I was once thinking about changing my ACTUAL name to Q, because that’s what I’m known by.

Dunno. Change makes me happy. And in this economy, who can afford to be happy??? AMIRIGHT. lol


Keep it! Q is nice!


Really? Just wow.


But it’s not as sweet as A lol.


Don’t even try that, B is where its at.

(Mi) #15

I like M.

Q is an awesome name keep that, and if you want you can ask Andre for a real name change to fix the chat name to Q to be less personal. I think he would do that.

(Q) #16

Q is like a seoncd persona to me. My checks come signed from “Q Haley” anyhow.


keep it at Q…it is permanently engraved into your signature…


Change it to Flabergaster!!

(Q) #19

Why flabergaster?

(M²) #20

because then icthus can change his name to mr. fishy man