Things that shouldn't be edible


Alright people, what foods do you think are incredibly disgusting?

I’ll start it off with two:

Corn Smut (corn infested with fungus):


Bring it!

(JonasK) #2


French stuff. It’s basically every single part of a cow in the last way you’d want it.


Mmmm mmm good:


Humans, so nasty.

(JayVee) #5



Snail. Oh! A better one: Jello. It’s made from bones and hide.


You got that from your planner didn’t you?

I say Animal reproductive Organs. Here at Oakdale, we have an Annual Cow Testicle Feast. It’s disgusting in my opinion even though I’ve never tried it.

(JackG) #8

yum yum yum


Geoduck - makes you wonder on some of these things, who was the first one to see it and say to themselves, “hey, that looks like good eatin’!”:

(Shisaki) #10

Tripes is actually pretty good.

(JayVee) #11

I sometimes eat tripe, but it depends on whether it’s mixed in with other meats or on its own.


i eat my brothers baseball cards