Was he banned?

I don’t see him on the members list…

I think he could have been Spencer L., any info on him?


I think he could be Spencer L :o

Spencer L:


Just a two day difference of leave and join. Both of them used But 1 is 13 one is 12. One likes frantics, one likes counter-attacks. One lives in MA, one lives “Somewhere in The United States…” .I don’t know.


What made me suspicious is the fact that Spencer L. changed his E-Mail, and had a different one under theyoyoempire.

And they could be lying about their favorites…


wait i never knew why spencer was banned if anybody knows can they send me a message or something


Long story…

JM asked me, so I wrote a breif explanation, here:


that story was quite long but i found it very interesting and read all of it


You know, I still don’t get why he even “left” that first time. I don’t think anything ever really happened…?

He never PM’d me admitting that he was the old Spencer either. That makes me feel left out. :stuck_out_tongue:

And that flame war was just…I don’t think it was all too much Spencer’s fault. He was just getting attacked. I guess that’s why he left. It probably doesn’t feel very good, but a couple of people acted inappropriately without getting what Spencer got. I suppose there was a certain bias toward Spencer because of his past.

Sure, he may not have been right, but it wasn’t dealt with correctly. Reading that thread kind of let me see another side of someone, too.

Just throwing out some of my thoughts on the flame war, since I wasn’t there for it.


I’m kind of courious who that “someone” is now.


I sort of feel guilty just thinking it, but I don’t think I’m wrong for thinking it. (A bit too repetitive. :slight_smile:

I edited that part of my post, by the way. I knew there was another thread that pushed me to “think differently.” I just couldn’t remember which thread and I didn’t find it until after I finished posting.


I’m thinking its Samad… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, anybody have an answer for my original question?


Hm. Interesting. He doesn’t show up on the actual list, but:;u=1376

His account is apparently still there. I wonder why that would be.

A little more researching shows that that account was indeed banned.


It was banned, but what reason was it for?

The most likely one is that he was Spencer L.

Me and Samad have been in communication about Spencer, and we defenently suspect theyoyoempire to be him.

I pretended to be on his side in that flame war so I could maybe be trusted by him and have useful information to share with Samad and André. I asked theyoyoempire if he was Spencer, and he said no, but his responce seems suspicoius…


It was my fault, I know it was, but I really don’t care.

I’m not even posting here often anymore, so I don’t feel guilty about anything. I did talk to André about TYYE though, so I’m not sure if he is banned. André never tells me what happens :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel as if I’m missing something with all this Spencer stuff…


He was banned, but I’m trying to find out the reason of that.

André or dryoyo, if you see this thread, any info that would be ok to share with the public?

Anything specific?


Pretty much just why he left in the first place and why his accounts were banned. I feel like there is something more to this than I might know.


Wow…I just found out something…if you look in the members list, NONE of Spencer’s accounts are there, but on the stats, Spencer L. is still one of the top posters.

What was this fight about anyways? It seems you weren’t really involved in it, but Samad still mentioned it:

But it seemed Samad was a lot more involved in it than you. Samad?


Which is why I said accounts. :wink:


Sorry, I wanted to edit my post so I could state my view of things, so I didn’t really notice, my bad. ::slight_smile:


I’m bored… so I will make a post about the history of Spencer. It will come soon…

We don’t really know exactly where it began. All I can remember is him joining in the name of “Spencer.”
He seemed like quite a newer yoyoer. He asked several questions, and we all politely helped him. He sent me several PM’s, which I answered decently nicely, haha.

So I log on one day, and see his I Quit post. Here is what he relayed in this post:
I quit. I officially quit the forums here at YYE. The only time I will be on the site is to buy yoyos or look for a certain forum. Whenever I try to help, THEY… you know who you are.  For everyone else, have a good yoyoing career and succeed! Oh, and this is my last post, so don’t ask. If you really want to know, they were a guy and a girl.

(The guy and girl were myself and Kim-Lan.)

So we all got over that. We thought he was gone, but who could arrive a few days later? Why, a Spencer L. We questioned him slightly asking if he was the old Spencer. He portrayed no knowledge of who the old Spencer was. We accepted him, and gave him a second chance. Though few of us still believed him to be the old Spencer.

Spencer L. was a very good member. He was helpful, nice, and a great person. But, he revealed himself for who he was over time. Getting in all of these flame wars, he was starting to become unliked (Especially by me.) I sent him a message to weed out the truth from him. Here was his reply:

The reason he mentions Evan, is because he helped me write the message.
Then, came the dreaded Aquarius Caps post, where fury was unleashed. I suggest you read the post yourself:

And from there, Spencer L. left YoYoExpert.

To where though?
YoYoNation. :stuck_out_tongue:

But the people weren’t so generous over there. They saw him for what he was - an insolent prick. Spencer tried to act like he had authority over there, and was treated rudely for it. What strikes me odd, is how he can’t get off the forums. He posted about 100 times in one day, haha.

So Spencer L. left YoYoNation.

To where though?
BACK to YoYoExpert!

Yes, once again Spencer L. is back! Under the name of JamFan, he gave himself away instantly. In like 10 minutes, he acted as if he read all the recent new posts. Posting and posting JamFan tried to stay under a new identity for as long as he could. But, was obviously found out.

JamFan posted 128 times in 1 day, BTW.

gm user found him out (for full info, PM gm user.)
And Spencer L. left to TheYo.

He really reminds me of tomonzzz.

But he decides to come back. Man, what a jerk, he can’t hold true to his word. He is signed on as YoYoPro. That is his account, but he has never posted. But there is also Theyoyoempire, who we believe to be Spencer L. It seems like he is though, as TYYE doesn’t post anymore.

And here we are now.
That is the story, give or take some things