There's More For Us to See - Yo-Yo Video - no filters - by Mark Leithead

Here’s a 5-minute video of me yo-yoing, with the MK1 Diffraction 2, in case anyone wants to see it :slight_smile:

Not the most groundbreaking tricks, but some interesting elements interspersed throughout.

I also promised myself to never stand so close to the edge ever again for any future video. I hope the same for those watching lol, and this shouldn’t be tried at home. The video would have a better atmosphere if I had just stood back quite a bit.

Thanks for watching!

Yo-yo used: MK1 Diffraction 2
Camera used: DJI Spark (1080p)
Location: Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada


Man, what an awesome video!
Beautiful location…cool tricks…neat camera angles…nice song!

Looks like you had a blast filming this! :smiley:

Thanks for sharing!


:astonished: :smile: :pray: :pray:

What an awesome comment! :grin:

I did have a lot of fun making it actually :+1: :facepunch:


Wow, this is amazing and terrifying! Really honored that you chose the Diffraction 2 for this vid.


Wow thanks a lot Mark! I’m honoured you took the time to watch the video and comment on it, how cool is that??

Yeah it kind of is terrifying actually :confused:. I watched Brandon Vu’s 2017 Offset Mobius video, and he was standing pretty close to an edge too. In his 2019 Variant video he is now standing much farther back, and it is a much more enjoyable video to watch mainly due to his repositioning.

Really glad you made the Diffraction 2 available to the public :+1::+1:


Also, did you ding it at 3:42? You kept on going like nothing happened though! :smiley:

I think my favorite part of vids like this is due to the length, you can really get a sense for someone’s style. I feel like if we met at a yoyo contest I’d be able to recognize tricks you did from this video now!


Haha, yeah I did! :confounded: lol, good eye. I thought I could have slipped that one by.

Cheers for the comment on video length and being able to identify ‘my’ style, yeah with limited drone battery life I was happy to get this much footage. Would be great to meet you at a contest one day too.

Grinding out tricks to make them perfect ‘in the field’ costs battery time and I wanted to maximize the footage length, hence including random combos and footage with a ding :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. The next improvement would be to plan out the tricks/combos and do them perfectly, although I already had bought 2 extra spare batteries for the Spark (as each lasts only 15 minutes) where I also depleted my external charging battery too.

I did keep on going after the ding like nothing happened, but that doesn’t un-ding my Diffraction 2 :sweat_smile:


haha I didn’t even notice that!

@Mark_Leithead That’s not how ‘rock’ the baby is done!! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha! Ouch! (the ding is still there…)

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