(WhyLovedEda?) #1

Fill In The Blanks…
(Put The Yoyo Player That Is Pro/Cool/You Like His Style When He/She Do That Trick, In That Trick!) :slight_smile: Enter As Many As You Want.

The “Gyro”:Keita Kido, Hiroyuki Suzuzki

The “Lacerations”:Ryosuke Iwasawa, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Augie Fash & Luo Yi Cheng

The “Whips”: 4A - Lim Aik Hwee & John Narum - 1A Augie Fash, Luo Yi Cheng

The “Grinds” - Andre Boulay (HAHAHAHA) :slight_smile:

The “Combo” Guy - Hiroyuki Suzuki, Andre Boulay, JD, Shinya Kido

That’s all IMO.

You can post also your own “The” then suffix it in any that you wan’t!.

Have A Nice Day Everyone!



The eli hops: Hiroyuki Suzuki