The "Why did I let you try my GOOD YoYo?" Thread


Time and time again, we YoYoers have been generous enough to share our YoYos and time and time again we come to find that having them try our YoYos wasn’t as fun as we first envisioned as soon as they dent the YoYo on the floor, from a lack of experience and/or bad string-length perception

The point of this thread is to share stories of all the times you thought it was a good idea to have your next door neighbor, Billy try your new shiny YoYo.

I’ll start: I was hanging out with my Dad and yoyoing. He remembered how much fun he had yoyoing back in the day and wanted to give it a shot, not being aware of the fact that this yoyo is bi-metal he goes ahead in gives it a nice hard smack into the floor… My YoYo has never been the same since sniff

Another time was when I was with my brother and he decided it was a good idea to try my YoYo because he thought that it was the same kind of yoyo he had when he was younger. He threw it down and nothing happened, not knowing that you must bind to bring it back, even though I told him in the past you HAVE TO BIND TO BRING IT BACK, he went on throwing it even harder to get it to come back to his hand and thus smacks it straight onto the hardwood floors… This both happened on the same day and since then, a peace of me has died…

Enough of my ranting, let the stories begin!

(Owen) #2

It wasn’t to me directly, but at PYYC, one of the guys there was using someone elses Mutant DNA (heavy yoyo) and the string broke and it went down the tile floor.

That DNA is now minez from a trade, and it is still smooth.

DNAs are insane


and i only let people try my good yoyos over carpet


I let iMarvin they my new genesis and he smacked it into the floor.


Reading that kind of hurt a little bit on the inside…


I let my brother’s friend play my Supernova over concrete, luckily when it hit thr ground it didn’t do too much damage.


I had my brand new hat trick, all shiny and beautiful. My father (who yoyo’s and is pretty freaking awesome) asked if he could try it. Of course I said yes, I mean why not? He was the one who has raised me and yoyoed with me for so long. So I hand it over to him. He gives it a nice solid throw, does some trick with it, and gets ready to bind. What happened next was very fast. He began to bind the yoyo, and as it came up, I had made a connection. He was wearing his wedding ring, on his throw hand. Before I could stop my yoyo’s fate, the yoyo had already come up and clanged against my dad’s wedding ring, leaving very, very slight marks on the anno.

Needless to say, he never borrows my yoyo’s without removing his wedding ring first.


except me cuz im awesome like that :wink:


My friend dinged up my code 2 by playing with it over asphalt. Which was super stupid on my part. I have never refused someone asking to play with my yoyos.


I never let people try my good metal throws anywhere near concrete unless I’ve seen them throwing before and they seem to have a pretty good grasp on how to throw a yoyo properly. I carry a few beaters and cheap plastics (Whip, Classic etc.) for everyone else to play.

As far as grass and carpet goes, I’m a bit more relaxed about handing $150 metal over.



Cant say Ive regretted letting others use my yoyos as Ive only had a few mint yoyos and never had them on me when asked if they can use it. On the other hand, I think I put a ding or 2 in a few yoyos that belong(ed) to a certain physics teacher that tends to lurk here

(Owen) #13

I never said I didnt care either dawg.

I’d let people yoyo with mah yoyos over lava for all I care

I love mocking Mgodinez



You’re the only one.

It’s disrespectful.


Why would you steal his thing? Make your own thing and stop stepping on other people’s feet.


Gentlemen, this is a tad off topic, wouldn’t you say?


You must be new here.


I stopped caring

I went past the stage of collecting throws, now I actually play with those things and let other people play with them too


Lol playing with your yoyos…noob. Everyone knows you should only get yoyos for trading purposes.


It was at my school in the morning(im an 8th grader)when I was waiting out side the school for the gates to open.While I did this I was showing of some of the tricks I learned,when a friend of mine comes up and asks if he can try.Now he’s seen me plenty of times binding and I spent always telling him that this yoyo needs to be binded to be brought up.Well any way,I give him the yoyo and he gives it a strong throw,he then tries to tug it up and as It just bounces a bit he drops it on the floor scraping the metal rims of my DM2 and leaving a few dents.Since then I never let him try to use because I took care of the yoyo alot and he ruined it =C