The Unofficial Debate Thread!


Here at YYE we always argue about stuff. I thought it’d be fun we have a debate thread. Here’s how it works:

Someone Starts a topic and we talk about that topic for about a week. At the end of the week, we see who won the debate about this topic. Just something fun, no prize.

Debates start Sunday and ends Saturday.


Let’s just hope this doesn’t end up too bad…

(JM) #3

Just remember the golden rule of debates: “Respect”. If you start flaming the other side then you are out of the debate. What do you guys think.


Sounds good.

(SR) #5

Yes, good idea. I love to argue. Oh yeah that reminds me: I HAVE NEVER LOST AN ARGUMENT. NEVER. ;D


However, we are not arguing. We are debating. :wink:

There’s a difference between the two. I would suggest for you to learn the difference before taking part in this thread. It plays a significant role in here.


My hair is better then Chris’s!

(Raphael) #8

Now How can you say no to that logic?

(JM) #9

Remember that a debate is NOT an argument. Debates are a discussion in which multiple sides present their opinion and the facts that support them. They should not involve emotion except in certain circumstances.


ooooooh i like a good debate! the last one i took part in was a debate at university! “survival of the fittest, is this the what happens in operating theaters” or OR for the americans (most of you lol) it was all about week staff members and bullying etc! really interesting! look forward to this thread!
how are we gunna decide who pics the topic? and who wins the debate?

(JM) #11

I say let chris pick first, then the winner chooses from then on. Winner decided by popular vote


Oh, jeez, I know who would win this in a heartbeat! Flaming or not. :stuck_out_tongue: Take a guess. All due respect, too.


This week’s debate is on who would come out on top at Worlds for 1A. It’s the battle of the Japanese and 1 Chinese.

Mickey, Ando, Spencer, and Cheng.

I say Cheng because he has a awesome laceration style.

If this isn’t a good topic then the next person should make something up.

THese four are guys with the highest chance, you can put someone else and tell us why he/she would win.

(Shisaki) #14

Well, I think Yuuki cuz his style is sooo fast, theres a lot of motion of the yoyo going around his body and such, like he does neck tricks, behind the back, under the leg, and he jumps over the string, its just sooo fast, Ando I think is slower and I think his tricks arent that like yukki’s. Mickey has got to step up his game, he does old tricks that everyone has seen, he still wows the crowd, just not as much, watch Yuuki’s '08 or '07 (forgot which one) worlds competition, the crowd was screaming almost all the time. I rest my case. BTW, never heard of Cheng.


Luo Yi Cheng

True, but Yuuki always does those behind the back jump rope tricks. He has one or two new tricks each year but he uses some of the same tricks only revised. We need Kim or Samad for this.


You can’t limit the entire WYYC 1a division to 4 players. No offense, but that’s stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

Jensen Kimmitt will definitely bring it, and possible take the title. I also think Sebastian Brock is going to do well. In addition, I’m very confident Eric Koloski will place high too.

Although I do really think Mickey has brought up his game. He seems like he might be really hard to beat this year. I don’t think Ando will compete though.


Go Eric!!!


I’m a big fan of Eric and the Highest I’ve seen him place at Worlds is Third. Ever since that though, He seems to be going under a lot of pressure.

Sebby has game and since it’s his second year at worlds, then he will surely place High. The limit is broken!

ANyone else got a good idea for the top 5?

(Shisaki) #19

Yuuki or Mickey for 1st and 2nd. Sebastian, Eric, and Jensen for 3rd, 4th,and 5th. Im saying Yuuki or Mickey will be 1st and the other will be 2nd and the same for the others.


You can’t base players completely on past contests. Take Eric Koloski for example. He placed 8th at the WYYC, then placed first at Nationals, beating the World Champion who placed 3rd.

Also, you can’t say Jensen’s going to get 3rd or 4th without further proof. Hes dominated each contest he tried at, so you really can’t tell how well he will do at the World’s level.