the "this sucks" thread


Somethings have really been bad lately, so I’m starting this. Just post anything that, well, kinda sucks.
ex. I dinged my yoyo, I hit myself, I got a B in school, and so on…

This sucks, I might have to move again.

(Mi) #2

I just ate too many waffles and threw up.

This sucks.


One of my toilets won’t stop running, so I get to fix it Saturday.

That totally sucks.


That’s an easy fix it’s probably just the chain on the float.


I found the girl of my dreams, however, she’s a year older than me and may have a boyfriend. FML?


It’s not the chain. The plunger is kinda warped. Doesn’t get a good seal. Still should be an easy fix. The least of my worries. We also have to get a new roof and gutters, as well as get the house painted soon, and clear out the wooded area of the back yard so we can get a fence put in. That stuff really sucks.


i stuffed my yoyo in the pocket with my wallet in it, and it fell out when i was riding my bike because it was sticking out half way… even worse it was an elliot jackson peak

(Chase Baxter) #8

I’m sick and got in trouble at school for no reason so now I have to re-do 4 pages of homework and he won’t explain any of the math to me because I missed 2 weeks of school.

This Sucks, btw I’m not going to do any of that homework he told me to do :smiley:

(Mi) #9

I just threw up my honey garlic chicken wings.

This sucks.


I really hate garlic, and my mom kind of makes me eat food with garlic.

This sucks.


Win. :slight_smile:

My New Breed hit the tile on the floor of my school and now has a good amount of vibe. This sucks.

(Joshhh) #12

i got a 28 stories marmot a month ago, had to wait cause it was a birthday gift, opened it yesterday, it falls out of the crappy box my mom put it in and hits the concrete, pair if dings and various other scratches.


i wasted 3 minuteslooking at this thread.

i suck1


I’m working Overtime on only 2 hours of sleep…

…I’m not coherent enough to know if this sucks yet or not :smiley:

(laxdude99) #15

My north star hasn’t shipped for 3 days

This sucks


I have tons of homework to do today, and it has to be done before 4:30 when my friends come over for an overnight. This sucks. >:(


Exams are coming but i don’t have notes :-\


I died.

This sucks.


I bought some new yoyo’s and stuff yesterday, and the mail place doesnt ship stuff on weekends :-\


I just moved from DC to a city in South Dakota.Its ok.I’m not even lying.