The theory of evolution

(Cinimod105) #1

What are some of your views on the theory of evolution?

(Frank W.) #2

Gradualism, things slowely adapting and changing over time.

(yoyobot) #3

why do you keep posting things like this?(i have no problem with it, i was just wondering


Cause he wants to learn our views about these subjects.

(Cinimod105) #5

Okay, I am asking about whether you believe in evolution and why.


The definition of evolution: a change in the frequency of a gene or genes in a population from generation to generation.

I believe that happens. It’s easy to see with animals that have shorter lifespans than ours. I assume it happens with humans too.


It seems to be portrayed that people like myself are a rarity. I’m not so sure. There are others I’m sure. And I think there will be more in the future.

What I mean is that people are told by both sides of the argument - if you believe in evolution, you must be an atheist. Scientists and Christians alike seem to buy into this. I don’t. Not at all.

I see the argument that you can’t be a Christian and believe in evolution as being the modern day equivalent to saying that the earth revolves around the sun, not the other way around. Now keep in mind that back in the day, Galileo was EXTREMELY lucky he was not burned as a heretic. This was big. SO much bigger than the evolution argument of today. There was no Biblical basis for any of this but they certainly believed it was. I see similarities.

Maybe I’m wrong but I think in a couple hundred years they’ll look back on today in similar manner.

Or maybe not.

It’s just a thought.

(Frank W.) #8

That’s not all true I am roman catholic, but yet I still believe in evolution. My catholic beliefs are always under question because I believe in evolution. But it just seems more logical than a “higher” being making the world and everything on it in seven days.