unfortunetly the swine flu virus is being spread at an agressive rate around the world. and i am praying that this virus stops. and very unfortunate for me… there is a kid in my class who was in mexico for the past 6 weeks, slacking off of school and i am very cosious about this kid. i hope he didnt carry the virus and will spread it on and on.

 hope for the best.


Yeah, my parents told me what happened, so I washed my hands and clean my yoyo often.

Happy Throwing! =]


LOL, clean the yoyo ;D

But, WHO already issued a Level 3 alert :’( I’ll miss you if you’re pushing up the daisies. :’(


So you know now, if you catch the virus, kill yourself! jajaja

(VincentD) #5

It will probably just disappear in a couple of months… besides if you get it it doesn’t = death, you can get over it like a normal flu.

(yoyofreakazoid (adam)) #6

yes i hope it clears away im worried my dad is coming back from a trip from mexico today




no worries.


It is a mix of bird, human, and pig disease. So don’t just yell at the pigs!


It might clear up in a couple of months or years. Look at the Avian, it cleared up in two-three years!

Also, what is up with people going to Mexico?

(Jeromy K.) #11

Just a bunch of hype, they have to do this every year to scare people in to getting the shot which dosen’t really work. Get sick and get over it always worked for me. For those who get it I hope they get help fast and get over it quick.

(system) #12

no signs of swine virus here…
toot. toot. toot. toot. toot.

(Frank W.) #13

Yeah this is all just hype, maybe you guys remeber the bird flu whatever happened to that. It was an o so big deal now I here nothnig about it. People say a lot of people have it, well compare them to people who don’t. There are not very many people infected. Plus a lot of those infected are just fine.

(JonasK) #14

This may sound really gross and sick, but this is kinda satisfying for me. You guys on the other side of the Atlantic get cheaper shipping for yoyos and more contests. Then in addition, you get killing viruses.

Addment: I jump into couches.


It’s everywhere. Check up swine flu map. Sorry.

Someone got it at my schoool.