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This guy is insane.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #2


That was a Piranha? I remembered him mentioning a different name : O



It was a “Demon Fish”, or something. River Monsters link:

Ps River monsters is the best show on Animal Planet.

(Kei) #5

Yeah it is. I watch it every sunday. Remember that time he caught that giant sting ray that ended up giving birth when they caught it. lol, I just thought that was funny.


That was great, I agree. I was wondering why the stingray didn’t put up as big of a fight as the other one that broke his rod, and then I saw those little tiny rays and I went “Wow that is AWESOME!”

(Johnny rocks!!!) #7

It was a piranha!!! 80lbs


No, it just was like a piranha, it wasn’t an actual piranha.

Still, I can’t wait to see the episode.




lol. Watch the whole thing.


Oh I feel like downloading River Monsters right now already !!! T_T

Yes for you kung-fu people : D


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Oh my god…
That was hilarious ;D