The Official Rap Thread


THE thread for all things rap. Disscuss, debate, even spit your own rymes if you like.

But first, I’d like the first post from each member to tell us your favorites of rap, like so:
(This is also my personal list, not just an example).

Favorite solo rapper: Eminem.
Favorite rap group: D12.
Favorite rap song: Drivin’ Me Wild by Common.
Favorite rap album: The Slim Shady LP by Eminem.
Favortie style of rap: Dirty South/Old School.
Favorite rap ryme/line/qoute/: “So when you see me on your block, with two glocks, screamin’ **** the world like Tupac, I just don’t give a ****.” - Eminem/Just Don’t Give a/ The Slim Shady LP.

Oh, and if you want to post a video, just make sure to put a warning in your post if there’s any profanity in the song, and please censor or just don’t say any profanity when posting rymes/line/quotes.

Have fun!



Favorite solo rapper: Lil Wayne (followed him way before he boomed, still like him. dont hate cuz hes mainstream.) and Eminem.
I also like Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy
Favorite rap group: Bone Thugs n Harmony
Favorite rap song: Right now its either Bang Bang by Lil Wayne or 25 to Life by Eminem
Favorite rap album: Right now… Recovery by Eminem or Dedication 3 mixtape Lil Wayne
Favortie style of rap: New
Favorite rap ryme/line/qoute/: “just call me ari, you know i got the gold, lady gaga im so sorry, poke r-r must fold, face cards time to loot, now its our time to shoot”(copyrighted) -my group. "hes got an urge to pull his **** from the dirt and **** the whole universe -Eminem/Not Afraid/Recovery


Favorite solo rapper: Eminem.
Favorite rap group: Madvillain
Favorite rap song: all caps, Madvillain
Favorite rap album: eminem show
Favortie style of rap: N/A
Favorite rap ryme/line/qoute/: N/A


Fav solo: eminem and obie trice
Fav group: D12
Fav song:We all die one day 50 Cent, Obie trice, Lloyd Banks, Eminem and Without me Eminem
Fav album: Dont have one I like songs from different albums and dont like some.
Fav style: Anything thats not like most T-pain songs and newer eminem I prefer the olderish rap songs.
Fav rap line/quote: “I kill, I aint playin” 50 cent Heat

I think that eminem was better in all his other albums than recovery


Totally. The Marshal Mathers LP and the Eminem Show was his asolute peak. He started going downhill with Encore, and Recovery is great(much better than Relapse) but it’s completely different from his old stuff.


Lil Wayne, I’m just gonna put my favorite line, " my picture should be in the dictionary, next to the definition of definition."


that makes me sad face  :’(



Fav. solo rapper: Eminem by waaay far.
Fav. rap group: Not sure. Young money and D12 are pretty cool.
Fav. rap song: Changes VERY often, but right now, Stan - Eminem ft. Dido
Fav. rap album: Recovery
Fav. style of rap: Not Sure.
Fav. rap quote: I shouldn’t have to rhyme these words in the rythim for you to know its a rap" - Eminem.

Also, I hate Lil Wayne. Just had to write that.