The Official Offspring Thread.


As my first duty of YYE Sheriff, I decree an entire thread for The Offspring.
Descuss the music, the band members, your future hopes for the band, and just about anything else you feel needs must be said about the greatest band that ever lived. Have Fun!
Oh, and a quick rundown of info of course!

Band Members(current):
Dexter Holland - Vocals, backing guitar.
Noodles - Lead guitar, other.
Greg K. - Bass.
I forget the drummers name, if you want to tell me, please do.

Albums(so far):
The Offspring (debut album)
Ixnay on the Hombray
Conspiricy of One.
Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace
new album goes here! Can’t wait! It’s set to release this year!

Have fun!

(Q) #2

Rise and Fall is IMO their best album to date


Hmmm, I don’t know, I think my heart still lies with Americana.
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE RFRG, but something about Americana is just so, classic Offspring, you know?

(Q) #4

Oh I hear you there my friend and fellow sheriff
but RFRG has so many different levels to the music.
There are songs that made me want to get up and fight, and songs that I was on the verge of tears.

I mean, variety is in ALL Offspring albums, but that one took it to the extreme for me


Yes! Exactly!

I yoyo to Nothingtoown and Half-Truism all the time, but Kristy are you Doing Okay? makes me curl up in a ball and cry. :’(

I also like the the range in music on that album. There’s punk, metal, rock, ballads, it’s so cool!

I think the funniest OS song would have to be When You’re in Prison, lol.

(Q) #6

Nothingtown is amazing!
I really like Hammerhead, that’s probably my favorite just because of the felling of it.
It’s like they wanted to take you away, and they did a great job at it


What do you think about the old Offspring? Like, the debut album through Smash?

The debut album sounds very Dead Kennedy’s inspeired.

Lol, do you think anyone else will ever post in his thread, lol.

(Q) #8

The earlier stuff was good, but it wasn’t “Real” music to me, lately they have really been soulful and from the heart. Truly about events that have been going on. But that’s just me. Don’t get me wrong, it was really good music, but lately it’s just been speaking to me.

And I couldn’t tell you


: O somehow I hope they will be back. We need “real music” these days… I’m sick of whatever’s on radio D: