The Halloween Thread.

(Chase Baxter) #1

Halloween is coming up, so why not post some cool halloween things like what your gonna be, your favorite thing to do, favorite candy, etc!

My favorite candy is LemonHead and friends and my favorite thing to do is TeePee (spelling?) people in my family’s houses…Oh and ghosting if you have heard of that. And I’m going to be…Tyler Severance, I know it sounds creepy, but me and my friend were talking about costumes so I got one to be like Tyler just for fun…Sad thing is, He’s not even my favorite player, I don’t even watch his videos much. LOL


Favorite Candy- Skittles
Favorite thing to do- Hang out with my friends
Who/What I am going to be- Mabye Light Yagami or L Lawliet (sp?) (Both from Deathnote)

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #3

TP, thats it.


favorite candy: anything that is not dark chocolate of caramel.
favorite thing: go out and buy a bunch of 2a tattoo armbands
what i might do- hang out with friends get some candy.

anyone else think it is a little creepy halloween in on a sunday?

(Chase Baxter) #5

LOL, We were just talking about that on your thread about asking where to get some…haha