The Black Eyed Peas


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Mine’s The E.N.D.




since this is a free exchangeof ideas:

i think everyone needs to realize that they are one of the least talented, least skilled (at least musically), most over produced, unworthy, undeserving “groups” in the WHOLE history of popular music. The fact that more people goto their concerts instead of actually going to see real musicians that have actually written something original and thoughtful makes me want to throw up.

i am not saying that i have problem with ANYONE who listens to them. if you like them, then that is fine with me. but, as a musician, i see them for what they are… or what they arent. i am not trying to start a flaming war or anything. i am trying to present the view from the underground. :slight_smile:


Well that hit the nail on the head for me too :smiley:

Once again, anyone can be a star w/ Autotune >:(


hahahaha, that was the greatest youtube video ive ever seen. Autotune has completley ruined the music biz. ANYONE … i repeat ANYONE can sing with the help of Autotune… so unfair… when real musicians are struggling out there that dont use Autotune and rely on talent to make music.


Its terrible! I have a friend that has a studio w/ autotune and he made himself sound like 1980’s Whitney Huston :smiley:




I totally get what your saying. The only talanted person in the group is Fergie, she’s a great singer.

But, I also belive that just because the music requires very little talent to make, doens’t mean it’s not good music. To me, and all their fans, it’s great music.

I’t nearly talentless, but it’s good, and I think that’s why people like me listin to them.


no offence, but Fergie isnt that good, she cannot sing in tune live. she’s not horrible though

and most of their fans that i know dont realize that are talentless… so kudos to you!
i have nothing against their fans. everyones taste is different