thank you!


Well, this forum has given so much to me, so I would like to say, thank you to the following

The mods for being awesome
Samad for being so…well…samad-ish
the forum experts for helping me out
gizzyo for being an awesome person
SBL for the entertainment they provided every saturday
dr yoyo for putting up awesome reviews (and jokes)
chris rhoads for also putting up awesome reviews
brett grimes for being an awesome person
alex franke for teaching the modding community
SR & X52 for being awesome friends
Mi for being that person who you dont know if they are a troll or a friend
patcon for being awesome
icthus for being a great guy
beverchakus for teaching me 5a knot jargon
andre for making this site, answering my emails and pms and selling me yoyos
and finally, born2yoyo and Q for being awesome

(oh and all you other people who know who you are!)

I love you guys!

oh and gerard for making tuts


Woah, that’s the first person I have got that from. Thanks.

Also congrats on the MMN, and those mighty fine AirGlow Strings you won. :wink:


Thanks! We all love you too! You’re also a great friend of mine on these forums too. This literally made me cry. :’(