Thank you JM, Dr. Yo-Yo, and Ándre!

(Jesse) #1

I’m posting this in the unrelated section because although it has to do with this forum, it really has nothing to do with yo-yos.

I’ve looked around, and there has been some flaming of the moderators recently, for no real reason. I’m posting what I agree with. Ok, so here goes.

THANK YOU ALL MODERATORS! You all do a really time infinity great job. You guys really do help this forum. I almost never log on without seeing the blue name link that shows moderator status or Ándre’s “no CSS hover effect link” (don’t ask if you don’t get it already).

And not only are you guys frequently patrolling the forums, you do a really good job! For proof, I saw somebody that had posted something semi-inappropriate. Instead of ratting them out to the entire community, I used this really awesome thing! It’s called the “Report to Moderator” button. Basically, I type in what I think they did wrong and it sends the moderators a link to the post, then they can decide if it should be removed or edited. It’s really a cool thing, you should try it!

Well, back on track, I hit that button. I went and did something else for a while and when I returned, no more than 30 minutes later, it was already gone. It might have been even faster, I have no way of knowing. To the point, that reflects a very good and efficient moderating staff, and you are always fair and will never do anything to these forums without a reason.

So, one more time.


This forum would really be chaos without you guys.


i totaly agree


Good Post. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t feel like the kind of post that should be stickied It is more of just a thank you. You guys rock!

(Jesse) #4

Yeah I agree. No reason to be stickied, it’s just giving them a well deserved thanks!

Haha how funny would that be if one of them locked this…


They do do well. Thanks guys.


lol do do…

Thanks mods for all you do.


Yea!!! Its like having someone take out the garbage. In a sense…
They deserve the THANK YOU that is not gaven to them alot.


i whole-heartedly agree. this forum is free as are all the great tutorials, and everything is well maintained and run very efficiently. if there is ever any problem it is usually not that big of a deal, and even if it was then who is anybody to complain?
It reminds me of a story I heard a comedian say about a guy on an airplane who heard that there would be free wifi during the flight, then halfway throught the flight the pilot flew out of range and the guy was throwing a fit like he had the right to free wifi when 20 minutes ago he never knew it existed.
the point is, this forum, this entire site, is a wonderful priviledge provided by wonderful people, not a basic human right that we are entitled to.


This is For the Mods


I agree, thank you, mods! You really do a good job cleaning up these forums :slight_smile:

(Gorrilla_YO) #11

Yep…There has been spamers on this forums and the MODS did somthing about it



The garbage trucks got meh heart, you know what I’m saying?


What would be hilarious is if a moderator closed this thread. :smiley: