tech decks

(Marvin.D) #1

does any one here play with tech decks there realy fun (that is not me)



(Shisaki) #3

steven ditched us for techdecks :’(

(Marvin.D) #4

i ditched techdecks for yoyoing ;D

(Mitch) #5

I used to do tech decks alot, then I just stopped for some reason…
I used to be pretty good too, I could do alot of the stuff he did in the video.

The only reason I played with tech decks so much was because I was awful at real skate boarding…

(Marvin.D) #6

same with me


i USED to tech deck also!!
i still have unopened packages in my room too… like 3… from yearss agoo…

i can still ollie pretty damn high though!
i used to skate and tech deck…

but then YOYOs took over me and i was HOOKED
thank god… haha!


There was a Tech Deck craze at my school among the Seventh Graders. My friend told me a story:

“Dude, I can land a triple kickflip!”
“On your skateboard?”
“No, on my Tech Deck!”
“That’ll get you somewhere all right (sarcasm)”
“Yeah, they have these finger olympics and stuff!”

That was a good joke.

(Marvin.D) #9

yeah and the second event is the art of pen spinning


here is a  good tech deck commercial i found on youtube

(Shisaki) #11

tech deck is getting pretty fun right now. I will do a vid! It will be about how you dont need to buy rails and obstacles and stairs and oyu can use house hold objects.




I was accustomed to playing with a TechDeck on the right hand and writing on the left. I had a passion for these plastics because history in 9th grade is really uninteresting to me. I bet you my teacher has 9 of my decks as of now.

(Shisaki) #14

Check out Eriror and SEVEN, they’re amazing.