Take all minus 000 for 120$ F&F + shipping (added trade wants)

(Pantheon Throws) #1

Prices in USD, PayPal is the only thing I accept, and I live in Canada, so if you live in the US, add 15$ f&f for shipping, a bit more if you do g&s, but my rep on the forums is good, so f&f shouldnt be a problem. Will consider shipping outside of the US and Canada, but it will cost you more, of course. PM for more pictures, or if you want to make an offer on anything.
UPDATE: also would be willing to trade multiple/all of these (except the 000) + maybe some cash for one of the following (dead smooth and undamaged):

Krown ST 7068 (solid colour)
Leviathan 6
Isotope 2
Charm (pink lemonade)
Code 2 (disc side FX)

RecRev facade, 1 ding and a few microscopic pinpricks. No original packaging. Pretty vibey on nail, but relatively smooth on string. 65$

OYYxtwosick Knight&Gale, 4-5 “flatspots”, all but one of which are nearly microscopic, none break ano. No original packaging. Smooth on string, a little fingernail vibe if you really look for it. 50$

Recess charm, a strange light ring on the inside of both cups, otherwise mint. Comes with original box and string. Pretty bad nail and string vibe. 30$

recrev first gen oktave, halfswapped with one I bought from whotheman, one concentrated group of pinpricks, one shallow ding, small pinpricks here and there. No original packaging. Almost dead smooth on string (which is rare for this yoyo), decent fingernail vibe. 20$

yoyofactory cypher, Prague 2014 WYYC edition, a pair of flatspots that just break ano, two pinpricks, and general ano loss and fade. No original packaging. Smooth on string, a little nail vibe. 20$

Rebel yo macrocosm. One ding, and a bunch of “chips” in the ano on one half. No original packaging. A little string vibe, probably just bearing chatter, a little fingernail vibe. 15$

yoyofactory super g, couple large but barely feelable scratches, pair of flatspots that just break ano. No original packaging. Some string vibe, some nail vibe. 15$

AMS 000 #7/12, fully undamaged, only thrown for a couple hours, original box with all the goodies. TRADE OR 450$ (see want list below)

AMS Octavia
AMS Fulvia
AMS TI peak
Raw 000 + 120$

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I’m just putting this in here so I don’t keep bumping my post every time I notice I’ve made a mistake in the original :disappointed_relieved:

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bump #5! deal added!

({John15}) #4

that genesis looks pretty sweet

(Pantheon Throws) #5

bump #13! deal lasts until january! Merry Christmas everyone!


LOL that RecRev Silly Goose had some crazy colorways

image image


(Pantheon Throws) #7

Yeah, NO IDEA how they did it. But it almost doesn’t matter how they did it, because it turned out so well :joy:

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Bump #27! Tell me if these prices are unreasonable, I don’t actually know exactly what I’m doing, I just listed these at what I thought they were worth

(Justin Thompson) #9

That is one spectacular colorwat, if I do say so myself.

(Pantheon Throws) #10

Bump #42! take some of these throws off my hands! i have too many!

(Pantheon Throws) #12

Bump #54! I need a bit of money for PNWR, give a fellow thrower some pocket change! Don’t sleep on that facade, I almost guarantee you’ll never see one for sale again!


whats going on with the 000, I know you said trade but how much you want?


PMd !

(Pantheon Throws) #15

pricewise? probably more than you would be willing to spend. for various reasons, i would only let it go if 450$ were going in my pocket. otherwise, i would trade it for any of the AMS throws i have listed below it, and probably even some cash on top of that if the person was hesitant to let it go.

(Pantheon Throws) #16

Bump #56! 120$ for all of this is a STEAL, only lasting until this Saturday! Don’t miss out!