Supernova bearing issues


So I just received my Supernova in the mail, I open it up and play with it for a bit. I’ve taken it apart multiple times testing out different bearings and such, but I put back in the original and for some reason I kept hearing a sound from it. The string kept going all the way to the side of the yoyo which was affecting my trick time and stability. The sound I was hearing was the fact that every once in a awhile when the yoyo was in the air the string would catch a little bit, at one point the string caught and snapped back into my hand.

I decided to switch out the bearing with a KK bearing and it works perfectly, better stability and overall it plays smoother.

My question to you guys is, have you experienced this and also switched the bearing out for a KK (or 10ball etc…) or are you not having any problems with yours. Also why is this happening?


Sounds like a problem at the finger loop. :wink:


No offense, but I don’t see how that could be if when I first took it out of the box in was not acting this way in the slightest, although trust me, I never blame the Yoyo unless it is a special circumstance… This is a special circumstance :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably a rash assumption on my part based on your comment that the kk, a string centering bearing, fixed it.


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