Super Smash Bros Brawl?

(Jesse) #1

Who here has Super Smash Bros Brawl?

Post your favorite character(s), friend number, and username on it.

Fav. Characters: Snake, DK, Ness/Lucas
Friend #: 4038-6851-5539
Username: Mongo

Add me as a friend and post your friend number and username and I’ll add you and we’ll battle sometime!

(JonasK) #2

Melee is way cooler than brawl. I don’t play online at all, I just watch videos on youtube:

Most people have seen this though, but I’ve seen the whole tourney.

(Jesse) #3

Wow, that’s pretty insane. Those guys are pretty good! I don’t play melee much anymore but every once in a while I break out dem Gamecube controllers!

(Shisaki) #4

My buddy elendil whoops on brawl and melee. He got like 3rd or 4th in this big contest. I play too and my fav charecters are shiek and fox, i’ll find my code in a sec. Username is Pwned :stuck_out_tongue:


I play but at my friend’s house.

Link, Zero-Suit Samus :wink: and Sonic, Lucario.

My friends can connect to WFC but they don’t know they can. I always tell them they can but they say I don’t have a Wii so what do I know.

(Jesse) #6

Can anybody actually give me your friend #/username?

(JM) #7

Ness and Lucas FTW.

Nothin’ better than hittin’ back Samus blasts to big cannon spammers.

(Raphael) #8

Kirby, and Toon link comes close, And maybe Ness, he is the only one in the game who has a Yo-Yo

(Mark) #9


(Shisaki) #10

Hey guys, how about we tell each others our codes and have in all out match tommorow at 2:00?

(Jesse) #11

How about somebody gives me there code right now so I can have a match against them! I really want to!

(Mikey) #12

I’ll post mine soon. I’ll play tomorrow at 2:00! Fox and Snake FTW! I bust out Samus once in awhile.


Meele is 10x better.

(Jesse) #14

I don’t know how people can say that as brawl is basically a suped up version of melee. You can do the exact same things and more! So what if you’re not used to the wiimote, it’s pretty much the same thing. What do you think is better about melee?

(Raphael) #15

Brawl code: 4253 3192 9554
name: Raph
This is also mikey77’s code… :frowning:
Mongoriller We Verse at 2 today… shisaki Put your thing in and join!

(Jesse) #16

Sorry guys but I can’t do it all of this week! I’ll probably see you guys at yoyoclub on Saturday though.

(Mikey) #17

why not right now?

(Jesse) #18

My wii is at my moms. I’m at my dads all week.

(Shisaki) #19

I’ll try again but I’m getting some error codes on internet connection

(Shisaki) #20

Hey guys, nvm I just got it working, I’ll have my code after the update is finished. What times is it for you guys?

Edit: Username:Pwned
Code: 1290-1076-1119