super power....

(JDrocks!) #1

mine would by to have any matrail object i want in my hand. i wouldnt have to pay for anything.

even anserws to tests :wink: o ya and no one whould ask wherer i gat the thing from.


Either invisibility or the ability to read minds for me.

(JDrocks!) #3

cool. ;D


I don’t need them. I’m a ninja - I’m just generally good at all of those things.

(JDrocks!) #5

r u relly a ninja ???


Yep :wink:


And a good liar! :smiley:


My power would be able to shoot flames and make them anyway I want. I also want the power to Control Time, Space, and Reality.



You people with your power… but you cant do them if I stop time!!!

I’ll just stop time and take it from you jajaja