Summer 09!

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #1

Well i’ve ben thinking about what i’m going to do in Summer. I’m going to skateboard, Yo-Yo where ever i am, hang with friends, I’ll swim, and lots more.

What will you do this summer? :smiley:



Hang with friends almost everyday, except for the first week. Also, get better at yoyoing, and maybe compete at B.L.C

(JonasK) #3

I am probably just going to travel a bit. Eat some cake maybe. Of course yoyo a lot. Play some football (Soccer, that’s right, REAL football. You americans just took the name of our sport. SHAME!!!). And the rest of the time I will probably be looking for a good apartment.


Be on here, Yo-Yo, Be on here, Lacrosse, Yo-Yo some more, be on here, make some new vids, Be on here… ;D

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #5

Same here. Be on here. Lol.


Yeah, probably be on here, yo-yo, eat, sleep, be on here, yo-yo, be on here, yo-yo, be on here…

I’m hoping to go to B.L.C., too.


Ill be yoyoing of course making new vids of EXTREMEYOER practicing Skate boarding big time! And learn new skateboarding tricks


Playing and learning new songs on my electric bass guitar! yo-yoing and probally b on here a few days of the week! lol


I’ll drive from New Mexico to Kentucky to visit family and see my great niece for the first time. I’d like to go to B.L.C. I’ll drive to Orlando in July (not August during Worlds because my school starts that week). I’ll read, yo-yo, make things with clay, and maybe sponsor another contest.

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #10

What’s with the picture? Lol, it’s a bug with a yo-yo. Oh well.



What’s with the picture? Lol, it’s a bug with a yo-yo. Oh well.

You know how summer brings out the bugs. Hope you’re having fun on your vacation.


I’ll yo-yo, play Pokemon, practice, and Watch the WYYC Live online!!! Go to The website that day and click on the link. Remember that if you live in the mountains or pacific you have to calculate a little.

Go Mickey!!

I’ll maybe go to the B.A.C in May, 2 days after my Middle School Graduation. Then in September I’ll go to the Cal State at the Exploratorium.