Stupid BK Oreo Sundae Shake employees...


I was at Burger King today and my mom gave me some money to buy one of those milkshakes topped with whipped cream and Oreo chunks, and I asked for a chocolate milkshake, and they gave me vanilla! I was sad so my mom just bought me a new one, and made sure it was chocolate. Even after I realized the first one was vanilla, I went up there and told them I ordered a chocolate, and the cashier said, “Well, do you want to stick with that one, or what???” Awkward silence-so I just walked away with my vanilla. But I told my mom and she just went and bought me a new one, that was chocolate. Jerk cashier…


One time, I was at burger king. Being in Singapore, the lady didn’t speak good english, and I didn’t speak good Chinese, so she didn’t like me, and gave me terrible service, took a long time, insulted me as a chinese boy, and I even got green fries. It was that day that I started to hate burger king, then I went to another outlet, and the people were much friendlier, and my hatred went away.

Some cashiers need to learn english work on their attitude.


One time, I ordered a kid’s meal at BK, and I asked for a cheeseburger with no mustard. What do you know, there was mustard in it! gasp But then I found the pokemon card in the bag, so I was happy ;D


One time… I went to McDonalds and ordered a Big Mac Meal, and they were having this sale thing. Whoever orders a Big Mac Meal gets a free glass cup, but the lady put all that was in the BigMac Meal seperatly so she could keep the cup to herself. Son of a *****.


I once ordered a Chicken Bacon Swiss from Arby’s and they gave me a chicken club. Luckily though, they took it back and made it right. Also I ordered the BBQ Wings from Wendy’s and they gave me the Buffalo Wings but they also made it right. So far I haven’t had any problems that I can think of that didnt’ get fixed. Sorry for you guys.

(Shisaki) #6

I went to BK once and I asked for a medium meal and they gave me a large and charged us extra…and once I got a medium again and they gave me a large coke but they didnt charge extra so i was happy :smiley:


No pokemon card!? :-\


Once my dad and I went to McDonalds and he ordered some nuggets, but they gave him a cheeseburger. :stuck_out_tongue: We went back, they took back the burger, gave him his nuggets, and for no extra cost, gave him a card for a free cheeseburger next time we go there. ;D

(Shisaki) #9

I dont need one, I got a whole deck of like lvl X’s.


Once I went to Dairy Queen…

And had a Slushie.

(Jesse) #11

Has anybody ever ordered a Big Mac from BK or a Whopper from Mcdonalds? I want to know what they would say…


They said read the sign, in a mean way, we just left.

(Jesse) #13

Awesome! I want to try that sometime.


Ha I wasn’t thinking well when I read this because I though, why would they say anything unusual? People get Big Mac’s from BK and Whoppers from McDonald’s all the time. Then a few seconds later I realized they were switched around. :stuck_out_tongue:


As do I.

(TheBlackStar) #16

One time I ordered from Burger King and there was a spider in my order! We gave it back to them and drove away.


You didn’t wait for a new one? Maybe even free?


Kinda reminds me of my school vending machine. Every drink has a few free ants, and the chocolate milk looks like mud water. Tastes like brown water, nothing like chocolate milk.


A few days ago my mother and I went to McDonalds to get 2 apples pies (2 for $1.00). At the pickup window the cashier said “…uhh we only have 1 apple pie left. would you rather have a cookie or sometin?” My mom said “we’ll just take 1 then.” then the cashier demanded “thatll still be one dollar then.” My mom was like “for 1 pie?!?” then she drove off.

Then we went to the Mcdonalds about ten minutes away, bought our pies there, and my mom told them about the poor customer service and the guy went “daaaang…that place is expensive.”

(TheBlackStar) #20

We didn’t know if there were going to be spiders in that one. It was a strange experience.