Stricken of yoyo buying :(

Have you ever had this happen to you? I am condemned of buying yoyos for the next few months via my parents, just because I got 3 yoyos in the past 5 months I get their point but this stinks, I guess it gives me more time to practice but that’s one of the main enjoyments of yoyos what would you feel like if this happened to you?


I’m at 1 throw a year…and I don’t have too many throws

I’m at 1 throw a year…and I don’t have too many throws

Yea I get what ya mean but I’m only a year into yoyo and my collection is quite small, I don’t mean to sound bratty through this by all means I’m not a bratty person


Don’t worry grasshopper. One day you will be grown and buy what you like, after you have paid the bills of course, and fed the family, budgeted for fuel and… and… Yeah you will be able to buy yoyos occasionally! :wink:


. Yea I know I make my own money though I just don’t see how it affects them by me buying stuff


Parents always mean the best by trying to teach the value of restraint. I don’t know that the lesson ever works out well, but they certainly mean well.

I fear my kids are going to be even more of consumers than I am. I enjoy buying yoyos, and I like to grab little things like graphic tees and stuff. But I hate thinking that my kids are going to grow up feeling like they need to buy stuff to fill some sort of void that doesn’t actually exist.

If you can take this opportunity to be grateful for the things you DO have, appreciate the opportunity to save that money for something less frivolous… you will probably be better off in the long run than satisfying your impulses by buying stuff.

Sorry to sound like a parent. But… I’m a parent. :wink:

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. Its all good Greg I get what ya mean thanks I guess it makes sense at least I can save my money for some other stuff eventually thanks again your the best, now I just gotta work on persuading them to bring Me to a contest haha


There was a thread like this not long ago. Trust me it sucks when parents are like that, but they are teaching you the value of money. I did not really know the value until I got a job, but do not worry you will make your own decisions one day. I have money to buy throws, but I still limit myself. If you have more than 3 yoyos, you are lucky and should play those. You do not need a huge collection to have fun.

I dont know why you’re complaining, Id be happy about it :smiley:

Buying new yoyos is an addiction that is hard to stop ;D

Best to save the money for something else.

Of course the void doesn’t exist. Because we filled it with spinning shiny things.


This man hit the nail in the coffin :stuck_out_tongue: lol

It does kind of suck sometimes but good on your for at least seeing your parents’ point of view instead of doing the bratty thing of having a go at them for trying to be good parents. Kudos to you, sir!


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BST. My mom almost doesn’t let me but yoyos new, gotta get that discount.

. Yea good plan but my last trade I got shafted so my mom doesn’t like bst


If your tight with your old peeps (grandparents), have them order and you give them the money. That way your parents can’t do anything about it because then their parents, your grandparents, will have to talk to them. It’s kinda sneaky and underhanded but everyone is quick to forgive in my family so it works for me lol. The reason my parents won’t order my throws for me is because we’re flat broke and they don’t have the money in the account to do it. But on the other hand my grandparents are loaded so I order with them and it all turns out great.

Wait till your are the parent or grandparent. Now wonder what it will be like when you have to explain to your spouse why your just ordered another throw for yourself.

Stuff can go wrong in trades but when you’re buying you have PayPal’s buyer protection so you’re all but guaranteed to get a refund if someone doesn’t send. There are some great deals to be had nearly risk free on the BST

Hmmm, interesting topic Rockerkid. I think limiting your children on toys might have a positive affect, a negative affect, or even no affect at all on later spending habits. I think a lot of parents presume they are doing good by limiting fun things, but later in life, a person might actually spend more impulsively to make up for what they didn’t have when they were younger. I believe that depends on personalities, so it’s relative.

I know some people who grew up poor, but they are very materialistic and spend impulsively today. I know others who grew up well to do and got what they wanted, yet they are cheap and stingy and count every penny. I haven’t seen any studies on the affects of being limited on toys and how you will spend in the future. I think sometimes it matters, sometimes it doesn’t, and that is based on your personality. But, one thing is for sure, parents make the rules, and you follow.

I was not limited on toys, and mostly got them for birthday/Christmas, and when we got an allowance saved up (never consistent). But, I never found anything I was “crazy” about buying until I was about 12 years old. At that point, I was really into music (cassette tapes). I’ve worked since I was 14, so I bought music weekly when I got paid. I bought all my personal items from the age of 15 on, and I bought what I wanted with my money along with taking responsibility for my personal items. I paid for my eyeglasses, my clothes, and my toys. I even had my own phone line and paid the bill. 8)

For me, life is grand, work hard…and play hard. ;D For me, nothing has changed over the years. Your time will come.

I like Greg’s point of view, but I’ll add something else,

whether your parents are doing this to teach you about restraint with spending, or for any other reason, don’t let that stop you from internalizing something good out of this.

Use your extra funds to do something nice for someone else,
Use this time as a time to grow appreciation for what you have,
Set aside the money for college
Set aside the money for a trip to a sweet yoyo contest
Buy a book from an author who challenges your thinking
etc. etc. ad nauseum

With every “lack of opportunity” there’s an opportunity for something else.

that being said, yeah, it can be a bummer when you want a new throw but can’t get it, but it seems like you’ve got a good head on your shoulders and are able to acknowledge that and move on - and that’s important.


I have a lot of yoyos (about 30) and I buy as much as I can almost. I enjoy collecting as much as playing almost. My parents have never said not to buy a yoyo, they say “make sure you really want to buy one before doing so.” I am only 9 months into yoyoing.

How many yoyos do you have? What are they?