Strange/Wierd Dreams.


Strange/Wierd Dreams?

1.) I dreamed that i was walking to my school in naked. :slight_smile:
2.) All the stores in the Philippines sell YYF yoyo’s (yes specifically YYF.) ???
i think it has a meaning. ;D

how bout you?


lol for some reason, i get naked dreams like once a year.
Sometimes, i dream about animals. Sometimes, i dream about dying. Sometimes, i dream that im about to get a really cool thing and i wake up. Once, i was in a library that had a hitman. Once i touched it and was about to throw it, i woke up.

(Mark) #3

The going around school naked could mean that something is exposed about yourself in school and may not be a bad thing. Maybe you are being yourself in school! I’m not fully sure but thats my guess.

(Shisaki) #4

Once I dreamed my mom bought me a BvM and right when she pressed confirm order I woke up.

(Mitch) #5

I had one yoyo dream. I was standing outside my school yoyoing (There is about 15 minutes between the end of the school day and band practice and I yoyo the whole time) and my string broke and my DM flew into a sousaphone. I wanted to cry. Then they couldn’t get it out and had to have the sousaphone taken apart and I got stuck with the bill and the worst part is one of the metal rings broke off my DM. It was an awful nightmare…


One time I dreamed that Wal-Mart sterted selling YYF,YYJ,one drop,ILYY,etc… yoyos,I bought them all…then I woke up.

Also,one time my friend,pac608 had a dream that hillary clinton was selling a DNA and he bought it,HAHA,I laughed so hard he thought I was weird.

(Ryan) #7

LOLLLLL your friend made me laugh for like 2 min hahahahhah so funny!


I remember like 2 years ago. i walked into school with no pants on or underwear. I went into the bathroom, put a pair on, walked to lunch, I looks down, and they’re gone AGAIN! :slight_smile:


here are two of my odd dreams

  1. i was a offstringing (?) with mighty flea(somehow) but i was at the a competition and won(once again, somehow)

and my second dream is that i was accepted in a colony of penguins


That’s cool.

I usually don’t remember my dreams, though.


Me neither. But i had this strange dream yesterday. I was in my sch’s boarding school, and i couldn’t find my bag and shoes, so i was searching, and my watch was not synced, so i eventually found my bag and stuff, then i was running around, trying to find an exit to the boarding sch, but i was lost. Then the alarm rang, it was 7.40 so i was locked in. Then i was scolded by the teacher.


I have this recurring dream that stays basically the same but varies slightly from time to time.
in this wierd dream I diw but I am still here like a ghost but not a ghost or anything like that or by any supernatural means I can’t be seen at night but in broad daylight and in really good light I can be seen. and I keep having a cloak thing during the day that covers who I am so people think that i’m weird then a few things happen that vary then I either wake up or I just wander off and then wake up.
another dream that I’ve had is that my parents bought me a gold Pure yo-yo and just as i’m about to throw it I wake up. this dream or a variation usually happens after my previous dream described.
fell free to guess what these mean.


I had a dream that I was at Cal States doing my freestyle with tricks that I drew in my notebook but never got the patience to do them. YYJ was about to offer me a place in their team and this one cheerleader girl from my math class jumped out of nowhere and killed ANdré with her hair ribbon and started approaching me. I ran up on stage and they were about to say

“The winner is Chris N…” The the girl tried to choke me and they were about to say my last name when I woke up.


I once had a dream about MadDog…he can fill you in on that. :-X