Story behind the Screen name?

(Q) #1

So guys, what’s the story behind your screen name?

Mines pretty straight forward. My name is Quinton, and ever since I remember, I had been called Q.


I’m a friendly guy and my name is James. People call me Jim so I thought I could be peoples buddy Im jim Buddy Jim. Pretty simple I guess.

(Saur) #3

Well I’m friends with this girl and she always made animal related nick-names… and I guess I acted like a dinosaur one day… so she called me Andrewsaur… and then shortened it to saur.

(Kei) #4

Well, my nickname was k and I was really obsessed with japan. So my mom gave me the name kei. It really is a japenese name and in case anyone wondered it’s pronounced like Kay.


i was fooling around one day at work with, and snoopdogg came on the radio! i started acting all “gangatAA” and rapping along! One of my friends shouted, "FOW SHIZZLE OLITIZZLE coming form my name Oliver Tennant ie OLI + T = olitizzle! lol


I thought my name just sounded and looked cool, and it was short, and easy to remember, so I picked it. So now I go around as x52.

(Troy(oyo) #7

Well, i thought i would be clever and because my name is Troy, i just continued it to say yoyo… Thats all. There is no cool story.

(Mikey) #8

Well, It is a long story, but here it goes,

My name is Mikey.

(JayVee) #9

My original screen name was catorameus, hence the siggy. I made it up during a Christmas gift exchange event at school a few years back where we had to make up names to put in a box.

My initials are JV. But I didn’t want to get confused with other similar screen names (coughJMcough). So I decided on JayVee.


Mine is a shortened variation of my middle name and last intial:
Michael S. = michaels = mikelz

The rest of it has Biblical connotations. The archangel Michael, which apparently means “like God”, is one of the very few angels mentioned by name in the Bible. The number 777 is supposed to represent perfection and holiness (God) so I kind mashed the two together. (By no means do I want to imply that I’m perfect or holy. I’m far from it. :-[ )


i live on staten island and am a guy.


Siggy tells all.

(_|@<06) #13

Well my names Jacob, but I decided to mix it up a bit by typing it in all number/character things so it’d be different.



I saw a commercial for the eight8eight and I was like, HOLY JEZEUS ON A POGOZ STICKZ, THAT YOYOZ ARE TEH OWNERZ. Or something like that. Then I took a shower while thinking of screen names. I thought, hmmm how about mistereight8eight. I wanted to keep it at a max of 12 characters, so I thought to myself, "Replace mister with mista and be ingenious and fool with the wordplay of eight8eight. And thus Mista8eight8 was born.

(JonasK) #15

Pheenix was my 5th grade name, and I signed up here in the end of 10th grade, so It held for a long time. I the realised that I wasn’t happy with that name, so I got a more real name, semi-tribute to ChrisK.


Well, I actually AM a doctor (online at the office right now on lunch break between patients). And I play goalie in a men’s ice hockey league. That’s my custom painted mask as my avatar. Polar bear cause I’ve got grey hair, biohazard symbol on the chin to keep the shooters away. One reason I started yoyoing is to preserve my fading hand-eye coordination, lol


I am born to yoyo. Nuff’ said.


hey doc, want to donate money into my yoyo fund?


I am Frank

(DOGS) #20