Starcraft 2

(Kei) #1

So I really want to get Starcraft 2. But I have some questions about it:

  1. Can you turn off the blood? My dad doens’t really like it. Unfortunately I let him see some zerg against Terran…
  2. Is there a demo that I can download?
  3. How much do you guys like it? Is it really worth 60$?
  4. Is it all online? Can you play single player if you dont have internet?

(Troy(oyo) #2

Im pretty sure that blood is not changeable and idk bout a demo. but its definitely worth your money. It is the greatest pc game ever created, imho. It has a comprehensive story mode and the single player matches are enough to keep you occupied for years to come. People still play starcraft 1 and it was made years and years ago.

(M²) #3

I asked my bro who owns it and this is what he said.

  1. He doesn’t think so.
  2. You can only download the demo if you have a friend who has the game give you a demo code.
  3. Most definatly.
  4. There is plenty to do in single player.
    It’s also worth noting that you your needing are fairly expensive computer or a gaming card to actually run star craft 2. Most of the cheaper computers won’t run it. It takes up a lot of memory.

(Kei) #4

Thanks! That is a huge help from both of you guys. I hope I can get it.


There actually is a game option to tone down the gore and violence. To what extent I don’t know but I do know that there won’t be as much blood and death animations.

(Kei) #6

Cool! Thanks!