st. patricks day

(M²) #1

yaa! :smiley: ;D :o


I refuse to wear green today. My Irish side doesn’t like this day.
Heck neither does my British side. lol

(M²) #3

I am irish.


Some idiot at my school made makeshift metal knuckles and hit me because I didn’t wear green.

I don’t really recognize the holiday, though green is my favorite color…

I don’t even think I own a green shirt.

(LookAYoYo) #5

it is just people trying to comercialize another holiday that makes no cence with its origin.

like easter or christmas.

santa (though real) is a creation of Cokacola and ever since, he has been the face of this holiday.

easter… well what does a giant rabit that lays eggs have to do with gods son comming back from the dead. and for the record, Southpark is not the answer