What do you guys think the best sport is besides yoyoing



footbaskbasehandball… oh they are all so good!!! soo hard to choose!


what’s handball


Basketball or football

(Connor) #5

Golf! :smiley:

(Raphael) #6

tryin to learn hacky sack
but ma fav yould be skateboarding!

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #7

All of them!!! :slight_smile: :smiley: ;D




me is bmxing


Basketball football and lax

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #11

I got to say Basketball or Soccer.


Hockey all the way ;D

(Cinimod105) #13

Badminton and pool.


Lol is pool a sport?

Badminton and pool too i guess


Is pool a sport? Why yes it is. In my opinion, if it’s on ESPN, it’s a sport. That’s just what I think.


soccer and martial arts ;D

(JonasK) #17

favorite sport to play/perform: Floorball

Favorite sport to watch: Snooker… by far

EDIT: Crashed Ice is pretty cool as well.

(system) #18

Takyan! (HAHAHAHA)

Takyan: native game here in the Philippines.

Take a look, It is fun! :slight_smile:

↑↑↑ My older friends are in Junior High that time, but know they are Graduates from our school. (They Don’t Say Words Like What Yo-yo? or Yo-Yo is for children to me…That’s why I/Them Good to each other!  ;))

Takyan is made (Mostly), made of “Washer” if you put more washers then the more heavier,

The Aim of this Game Is…

Just Kick The Takyan, (Kick it Like mickey’s trick Like he kick the whip thingy like that…)
5 reps, 15, 20…

If you haven’t succeed the required number of reps, you will get “save” by your other teammate…
But If all of your teammates can’t succeed also, the your out…

(Hard to explain!)



Hackisack (sp) but with slight differences.

(JayVee) #20

I like tennis and badminton the most, but I enjoy so many more sports.