Spinworthy Governess unresponsive for sale

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Hi everyone.

Selling a freshly turned Spinworthy Governess.

This thing is made to reward smooth play and rap you on the knuckles when you get lazy.

Specs (approx)

Diameter: 57.3mm
Width: 43mm
Weight: 66g

It has a nice smooth and floaty feel on the string.

Made of durable merbau. $70 shipped.

Warning: this yoyo has some vibe characteristic of all wooden yoyos due to the material used and the tolerances of wooden turned items.

I also have a European beech Ballsy and a maple Harbinger for sale.

Both are good players. The maple is around 46g and the Ballsy is around 60g.

Both new. The Ballsy is $60 shipped and the Harbinger is $50 shipped.

You can also take both for $85 shipped.

PM me if you are interested or have any questions.

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Absolutely gorgeous. I plan on grabbing one of your fixies for myself in the near future :+1:

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Thanks! It would be appreciated. :grinning:

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