Spin Tops


So the beach was closed due to not enough parking, so my mom took me to the mall.

She did all her shopping and she took me to a little toy store for my brother.

When I walked in, I noticed a few yoyos. But they didn’t have anything really good, Imperals, Butterflys, Ballistics, and Speedles were all they had.

But I did notice a spin top next to them, and wanted to see what I can do with one.

I got the basic throw down, but not much else.

Anyone here do it?


I got one of the classic ones in a village for like 2 bucks. I suck at it, so I say that they are lame :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m getting ok at it, I can almost land it on my hand when I throw. ;D


I’ve always wanted to try spintops, but I never got the chance to pick one up. They look really cool, though! :slight_smile:


Any hobby that spins - I do it!

It’s really fun…


I picked one up in a little toy store, might not be the best ever, but its ok.


Toys “R” Us? KB Toys? Some hobby store? Schwartz?

K-Mart? ;D


Just took a look at the receipt, its Toys Etc…


Okay - thanks again!


You fly airplanes? ??? :o


is it an imperial?



(Jeromy K.) #13

I have two right now one standard Ripcord(fixed tip) and one modded to be a Bearing King(bearing tip), there is a third in the mail and old school Twin Spin from Duncan. I love them and seem to be doing them more and more. They are just one of many skill toys out there that some how relate to a yo-yo(my first love).


i always wanted to get into spintops but i couldnt find a bearing tiped spinttop anywheres in stores!!!

(Jeromy K.) #15

You can’t find bearing tiped ones in stroes, but on line you can find a few types. Here is the links. Ebay always has a few.



ok cause i dont feel like paying for shipping and most yoyo stores dont have ball bearing ones