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Well, I got my computer fixed. I got it fixed awhile ago. Anyway, when my computer was getting fixed I found my old fingerboards. I played around with it, and got really good. I got more into it and got “pro” or good fingerboards. I got sponsored by BirdBoards and i learned thousands of tricks. Right now i’m trying to get sponsored by Toxic fingerboards because their boards rock my socks!

Back to the point…

I’m quitting yo-yoing. Yes, i’m sorry. Fingerboarding got so exciting and i just got bored of yo-yoing. I have another reason’s i quit also. I quit becasue people were telling me i’m horrable, i coulden’t do any of the easy basic tricks, i saw tons of people (Samad) who were much better than me and i just felt why try, your never going to be better oor even close to them, and i lost tons of contests on the first round. I’m not offending you Samad your just an axample becasue you own yo-yo :D. So, i’m now into fingerboarding.

I’m sorry but i will not be going on YoYoExpert anymore. I mean i might just for fun to check out new things, but yeah.

AIM: sk8erperson0132
Youtube: VVhatSteven (the W is two V’s.

I will try to keep in contact with all of you because you guys were like my family.

I’m sorry that i’m quitting but i just lost intrest. I want to give a cordial thanks to some people.

Thanks Andre for teaching me new tricks and talking to me.
Samad for keeping my spirits up high and teaching me new tricks.
Evan for being funny and keeping me into yo-yoing…

Again very sorry. Lost interest, and i’m just better at fingerboarding.



You should have stayed with it…


Darn, you were so cool here, what are you going to do with all your yoyos now?

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #4

What? I was never cool here. I was trying to be like Samad and be fit in. I felt like i was like, a piece of poop :open_mouth:

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #5

Well I just found fingerboarding more fun. I also lost interest in yo=yoing because i coulden’t do anything!


I think you were very awsome while you were here.

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #7

Well I didn’t fell like i was. When ever i tried to show a video you guys would tell me like ohh sloppy, or somthing. I always lost contest’s also.


We were never trying to get you offended or anything like that, we were telling you how to improve for you next video. Also, may I please see examples of anyone calling you bad at yoyoing?

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #9

Well people on youtube. They say like heyy thats not your trick, it’s a variation. Your a fake! I deleted it tho because i was sick of it. I kept yo-yoing with all that bad stuff for almost like my hole yo-yo life. My computer got trashed and i found my fingerboard. Tried it. Could only ollie tho. Got more into it and got “good” fingerboards, and i was actually pretty good, I can do kickflip nose grind. Youtube gave me good comments on my fingerboarding instead of YOUR A FAKE.


But you aren’t a fake!!! I only made up one trick of my own!!! And it’s lame… We all have been called things just for knowing how to sleep!!! Don’t quit!!! This forum will need a sign: Here went Steven, one who taken from our forum!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Stay, please? Anyways, whoever called you fake probably doesn’t even know how to trapeze!!!
Cheese Nips was nice… STAY! Your yoyos will be lying there, crying, and calling for you to start them!!! (To me, a unplayed yoyo is dormant. A spinning yoyo is alive) Your yoyos will be hibernating all the time! They’ll rust!!! Such crimes!!!

A guy at school just walked the dog with a speeder on purpose, and dropped it on purpose like three times onto asphalt!!! That’s a crime! And not playing with yoyos is a crime!!!


Well, I am not going to argue and try to bring you back. Have fun with Fingerboarding and say hi to us from time to time.


Aww… I guess GM is right, good luck and have fun with Fingerboarding, we’ll miss you :’( Come back at least once a month okay :wink:

(Cinimod105) #13

I feel that although we want him to come back, we should respect his decision and allow him to pursue his interests. Good Bye, Steven! It was nice knowing you!


That is exacly what I wanted to do:

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #15

Thanks. I might yo-yo for fun to show people what i got but then i’ll ptu it away and fingerboard.

I’ll come back idleast acouple times a week.

Remember i have my contact stuff up there so u guys can talk to me.

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #16

Hey, you don’t have to say good bye. I’ll still be on the forums. I coulden’t be quitting YYE. You guys are like my family. I quit yo-yoing but i’ll still be on the forums!


Thats great ;D

(Ryan) #18

sniff good luck! and i hope you’ll visit our forums again once a month or once a week lol!
Have fun fingerboarding


We’ll miss you Steven. You were a real part of YYE history.

I call his Pyro :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mark) #20

haha he is keeping his Pyro as a yoyo to throw when he gets bored.