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I’m very sorry i haven’t been on lately. With school work, sports, and all that i coulden’t be on much. That wasn’t the problem because i could go on after all that also like i usualy do. My computer is being very weird. All the computer in my house got a 400 virus. I tried going on YoYoExpert on my Mom’s computer and it said 400 error. It turns out yes it was a virus. My started to work all of asuden so i wanted to get on YoYoExpert o get my last words in before my computer goes bad again.

UPDATES WITH MY YOYOING LIFE: Yes, i do have my Florida yoyo video still going but it’s not up. When my computer is fixed i will share with u guys. I will be a little inactive with these problems.

I’m sorry. You guys can still talk to me on AIM, E-mail and stuff. The 400 Error won’t let me go on YoYoExpert too often, only like 1 time a week. I have to get this fixed :-[. I’ve been talking to Samad, and that’s about it. He’s like my only best yoyo friend. Besides u Evan :D.

AIM: sk8erperson0132

I will miss you guys. WHen i get my computer fixed i will put up my video and everything.
Hope too see you soon! If you want my number ask me on AIM, E-mail, MSN, and MySpace.

Bye for a bit, might beable to go a little if this Error let’s me!



ConFicker? Its okay steven! Try revamping your comp! That may help


If it is you might have to wipe the computer and put on everything again. And I mean wipe everything.

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Yup. If you can’t remove the virus delete everything. And don’t start uninstalling every single program. You will need to uninstall windows. You have probably gotten a reboot disc with your computer, use that.


I know how to delete every single thing on your computer. If you want it PM me. I’m not responsible for what you do with this.

It will delete everything on your computer, including startup files, so you can’t even turn it on.

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AVG and Glary Utilities rock!! They will get rid of anything. :wink:


well, AVG didn’t remove many things for me :frowning: Not sure abt Glary Utilities. I recommend

Malaware is the BEST IMHO!!! It removes everything! When AVG and NORTON didn’t find anything, it did, and deleted it. (AVG has really sucky removal powers, even if it spots a virus, it probably can’t remove it)
Spyware Terminator is probably the best substitute for an antivirus. It basically watches everything you do, and doesn’t let anything on the computer change. So, if a virus is trying to edit a file, ST will stop it, and ask whether you want to allow it or not. Any .dll used will trigger the ST. Warning - ST is for ADVANCED COMP USERS ONLY! OR ELSE IT WILL MAKE UR COMP SUCK!

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Yeah, thats why I said Glary Utilites too. Its freakin amazing at getting rid of stuff.


Samad and I were discussing this… I thought you turned into a Non-yoyoing creeper…

When I read " He’s like my best yoyo friend" I was like " WHAAATT :’( :’( :’(" Then I hit myself for being stupid…


Or superantivirus.

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That didnt really make sense to me but when you hit yourself for being stupid it made me laugh!! :smiley: :smiley:


Stephen, it’s great to hear from you again. I was afraid you had grown tired of the yoyo. I hope you get that computer problem taken care of soon.



Ok, time to clear some things up, without getting too technical…

First off, there is a big difference between anti-malware and anti-virus software. You need both. Period.

Malwarebytes is your best anti-malware option at this point.

There is no substitute for anti-virus software. You need it. Period.

AVG isn’t worth the time it takes to download. Norton and McAfee are huge pieces of system hogging bloatware, and fail horribly at their intended job. Don’t use them.

Protip: Norton, in particular, is of dubious value, especially considering the whole PIFTS.exe debacle that happened recently. This is arguably the largest singular attempt at civilian surveillance ever attempted via the internet by a trusted party (reliable reports of the incident suggest US Government collusion, at the least). Apparently, Big Brother really is watching. And you thought Google was the only real threat to your privacy.

As far as reliable anti-virus and privacy software goes, there’s only two real choices…

You have Avast, which is unparalleled in it’s anti-virus abilities. Top-notch performer.

If you’re looking for a total solution, complete with firewall and software watchdog features, you run with Comodo Internet Security. There’s a bit of a learning curve with this one, and it’s overkill for the average person, but it does the job. Rock solid.

You can take or leave this advice, it’s your call. You can listen to people who might read this who’ll instantly tell you I’m full of it. Bear in mind that I do this sort of thing for a living.

Of course, the best way to deal with unwanted intrusions is not to get them in the first place. Again, without getting too technical…

Never open strange e-mail. Just don’t do it. Especially when attachments are involved.

Stop using your janky browser. Internet Explorer is responsible for more headaches than you know. Switch to something a little nicer and safer. Firefox is a great option. Google Chrome and Opera are not.

Keep your anti-whatever software up to date. Don’t just install it and leave it. Make sure it’s updated at least once a week. Learn how to do this properly for each piece of software you run. Also, run scans with the software periodically. This is important!

Don’t download questionable software! This is one of the big ones! Pay attention! Bonzi Buddy is not your buddy, I assure you. Neither is the Weatherbug. Oh, he’s a bug alright, just not the cute kind. Google Toolbar? Kiss any illusions you might have had about your privacy and security goodbye. IM software is also often dangerous, especially since it’s used by so many people.

Stay off questionable websites. Any website running any amount of banners and/or pop-ups is virtually guaranteed to have a couple running potentially malicious code. That is, if the website itself isn’t running the code. Fun, eh? The joys of the drive-by download.

Protip: Need to know what sites are questionable? Well, you’ll never catch them all, but common sense helps a lot. Ask yourself: would my teacher, parents, or pastor want me going to this site? If the answer is even close to “no” it’s probably not safe. Get my drift?

Extra Credit for Honors Students:

Want to be real safe? Try Firefox with the AdBlock add-on installed. This doesn’t replace common sense, so use a little while surfing, even with this setup.

Can your computer pass a Gibson Research Corporation “Shields Up!” test? If so, why is this special? If not, what can you do to pass? Do you have a firewall? What does a firewall actually do for you? How can it help you from getting a piece of malware or a virus?

Do you have a router? If so, do you know how to log into it and manage it’s settings? Is it properly set up and secure? Would you know if it wasn’t? Is it wireless, and are you using it that way? Are you using any security at all to protect your wireless connection? Why would using a WEP key be a bad idea to secure this? What else could you use?

Are malware and virii the worst threats to you and your computer on the internet? What else could be dangerous? Your personal information? The people you talk to? The things you look at? While unpleasant to think about, are you protecting yourself as well as you could?


Wow Steven, that kind of sucks. You can always do a factory reboot. It will reset your computer to where it is like you just bought it. If that doesn’t work then contact a computer agent. Maybe I can ask our computer teacher some questions.

Tip: install an anti-virus program. I have trend micro and it comes in handy.


None of that made me laugh until you said that.