Sorry I'm not on


Hey, I might not be on for a while because I’m doing some academic things and lots of sports. I’m not leaving YYE but i may not be able to be on as much. This is kinda unnecicary but just want to give you guys a heads up. ;D


(Mark) #2

Ok. Just so it doesn’t happen again, if you want to comment about this, please just private message each other.


Well, I don’t think he was trying to talk to one specific person. Well, we don’t care, we hate love you Evan!



(Mark) #5

No no. Its like the starscreem one. Andre said to private message about the commenting. But evan, you may announce it but everyones, give him your comments via PM.



Well, still, this wasnt the same situation as Starscreem88

(Mark) #7

Well. Starscreem said he would not be on this week because he is busy and Evan is saying that he wont’t be on much because he will be busy. Thus, the same thing.


Actually, Starscreem didnt say he was busy. Thus, not the same thing.


noo dont leave!!!

(JonasK) #10

Now this is not as complicated as it seems. Evan just wanted to give a heads up, which I understand (some people will start making posts about you if you don’t give a heads up). What he should have done was just make the post and then lock it. Then we wouldn’t need to have this silly debate.


ahh break an arm


Whoa… I wouldn’t of said that… at all. That’s a major respect loser.

Especially to a Forum eXpert, Pheenix. You can tell on the homepage, the list of members that have dark red are them.


what happend


You just said," ahh break an arm" to a Forum eXpert.

NEVER say that to one.


oh sorry


It’s fine. I’m not one… yet… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s fine to me, but I don’t know about Pheenix… :slight_smile:

(JM) #17

Hey guys, before this turns into an argument let’s not forget that this was a MAJOR necro, and just leave it at that.


Um… this already ended. You just brought it back up.