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a lady from texas and a lady from kansas are friends.the lady from texas needs to ship a pack of bulls to idaho.she will bring the bulls to kansas and let her friend take them over to idaho.on her way she is caught in a terrible storm and goes to a hotel.while she is there the electricity goes out and the bulls get she has no phone but has to send a message to her friend to come get the she asks the manger if there is enough electricity to send an email.he says they have a little bit but each word costs 1 dollar.she had only one dollar.

so what word did she send to her friend. its only one word and it is not ‘help’.



I seriously don’t know.


wetbulls??? ???

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she didn’t send anything to her friend she just waited for the storm to be over.
I also thought that it said she wa going to ship them. :slight_smile:
how would she pay for the hotel the next night with only one dollar.





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Bulls? PM me the answer.

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You must tell us!!! :o

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What she does is go to the dollar store and by a yoyo, and then she went on a corner of the street, preform yoyo tricks and get paid by old people passing buy, and with this money she orders a new peice of string becuase her previous yoyo string broke, and preforms a gain, she makes $10 and is hungry so she buys a cow for finacial advise, but the cow cost $10 so she is broke again, so she walks around town when it is still raining and see’s an old person and the guy offers Up two Magic Beans for her cow, and since she is desperate she takes the magic beans and gives them to the hotel maniger instead of money, the maniger sais “No” and throws the beans out the window and then magicly a bean stalk grows up to the sky and jack comes down and gives her a magic goose that lays golden eggs and then she takes the golden eggs and sais, come_to_the_hotel to her friend becuase the hotel guy sais one egg is one dollar, and she needs the other golden egg for breakfast, the end

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You spam way too much.






Its called a joke.


which is why it was

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Maybe she said:


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Ok no more spam but seriously, pm me the answer i wont tell


or just say it in here cause im really getting annoyed that i can’t figgure it out

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Time out! She can’t send an E-mail the power is still out…