so irc chat is done :(


17:16 : The IRC network is no longer. It will run ‘as is’, until it won’t.
17:17 : You’re free to connect to, use the available services; BUT It will be without a guarantee.
17:17 : A huge thank you for everybody using it the last ten years.
17:17 : - Floris, founder and destroyer of vbirc live chat

Recieved this message today upon logging into the chat. :frowning: Lets hope it stays up for a while though.


Well I get disconnected all the time due to my internet connection being unreliable. Looks like I’ll just have to speed up getting my own server up and running sooner than expected. I was intending to install an IRC daemon on it anyways. This is precisely why I advocate having control over your own resources and never relying on the resources of others.

(note: i am intending to get a new server to replace 2 file/print/DNS/domain controller servers, my web server and my email server anyways. Should make the power bill drop!)


time to migrate…


The way I understand it, There are many backup servers so if it he ever gives it up it will still be there. I actually know someone that has a backup server for vbirc so no worries.


Don’t Panic

Nothing is done. There’s no guarantee that the network is even going down anytime soon, although there is a possibility of it. Floris is trying to get out, but there are others that have said they might be keeping it alive. Even if a switch were to be made, the end user would barely notice a change.

You can be sure that we’re working on it and I’ll try to keep as close of an eye on it as I can given external circumstances.

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What is this and why is it a big deal? :stuck_out_tongue: ???

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YYE and TheYo used for the IRC chat system. It’s a big deal because it was totally awesome and a great thing to have running can chat with other yoyoers.

I noticed when I opened my client, it said that my connection was denied, so I’m assuming this has gone down temporarily?


I’m on it right now


It’s not just a matter of a “backup server”. There’s issues of hosting or colo, DNS redirection and other issues depending on what exactly they intend to do. None of these things are deal breakers.

But, it goes back to my fundamental beliefs of not relying on external services that you cannot control. It will always come back and bite ya. I don’t even like relying on GoDaddy to provide my primary and secondary DNS. My only problem is that my web server is at my house, and when my connection gets disrupted(read: constantly), well, it affects everything else. But, it allows me to pass on the cost savings to my clients.

I’m going to see if I can swing a decent deal on a Mac MINI running Lion server ASAP. I fully intend to run a forum on it as well as an IRC daemon on it. My intention isn’t to compete with YYE, but to run stuff that is compatible with what I am doing. If I can get it done in a hurry(middle of January at best, we’ll see what I can do with it.

How cool would be?

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So yeah, the domain just changed, which was messing with my auto-login stuff.


I’ll take four


I don’t feel like investigating the new settings. I’ll try later though.

All I can say is that will be an eventual reality. Or it might be… not sure yet.


Studio, you keep whining about ‘not relying on external services that you cannot control.’ However, it is much better to use a service provided by an organization that has the time, effort and know-how than doing a cut-rate job yourself.

The thing about IRC, it doesn’t require big server specs or a lot of bandwidth. It does require perfect 24/7 uptime of the server and connection as well as a dedicated group of server staff members. Sure we could run an irc server on this server on on Studio’s, but I would be willing to bet that it would be ugly and plagued with problems. Channel administration is easy and involves a minimal amount of work. Server administration requires a much deeper knowledge of what you are doing so you don’t screw everything up and a larger time commitment.

Running our own server in house would be fun, but it just isn’t worth it. We would be understaffed with people who don’t have enough experience to run a server. We would have a single point of failure and the low uptime that comes with it. With those issues and many others what benefits would we get in return? Absolutely none. It would make way more sense just to migrate over to somewhere like Freenode where we would have a turnkey channel ready to go.


Of course I keep whining about relying on external services you can’t control. YYE lost a few demo videos because people deleted files or closed their accounts. That, unfortunately, makes YYE NOT look professional. They are relying on free IRC services through a place that best I can tell, wants out, not just from YYE, but in general. What does it make YYE look? Not professional.

I’m also not directly volunteering my own server for the new YYE IRC channel, but as a temporary. I have to be on the phone once a week with my ISP deal with with THEIR issues, and it’s really aggravating me to have to rely on them.

My clients actually have my phone number and call me when they need something. The web site is just kind of “electronic decoration”. It helps get small jobs, but mostly “screw jobs”: low end clients who like to order lots of work and then not pay for it. I got a client who ordered a 1/4" reel to reel transfer that I did, we’re only talking not even $18 for the work, and I’ve been waiting 2 years for him to pay for it. It’s from a master recording(what would have been used to cut the LP at the time).

What would be ideal is to migrate to a colo server or to a location where you have a service contract. Contracts mean commitment. If anything, they gotta notify you when they want to break so you know what’s going on.

So, I still say be self reliant as much as possible. I’ve been screwed one every factor. I did colo, they decided to shut down(owner turned out to be into questionable activities) and I lost an expensive server. I did virtual hosting, and the ISP kept raising the rates. Went somewhere else, had to deal with too much to pay for too little space. Got sick of it, decided to go in-house, regardless of the results. Comcast won’t let me host my own stuff, because “I’m not zoned commercial” and I said “just bill me commercial, it’s the same garbage” and they got offended. My local carrier, Frontier, is three times the costs and 1 third the speed assuming they feel like doing it, plus they are acting against the law and not allowing pass-thru services, yet nobody has the sack to confront them(except me) or doesn’t have the money to enact massive amounts of litigation. So, I’m left with this WIFI provider. I went through an upgrade and I’m trying to figure out why, as it’s not better, it’s just worse on 5Ghz now.

Right now, my biggest issue is I need to upgrade the server, but I don’t want to take the down-time to reformat the drive and install from the ground up. I don’t have suitable standby solution that I feel like rolling out temporarily. I’d rather just get a new server, then stage shut-downs of the other 4 systems one by one over the course of a week.

If YYE wants to use external services, make sure they have control over it. Move any videos to their own YouTube channels if necessary. Contract with providers for their other services, even if free. This way, at the very least, YYE doesn’t have to worry about somebody shutting down their YouTube account and stuff like that.

This is advice I give all my clients. Don’t rely on others, especially when it comes to free stuff. CONTRACTS!! Agreements, paperwork, guarantees. Put it in writing.

My clients agree.

They pay my bills. Hard to argue something that works. Most of them are fortune 500’s that in some way, shape or form, actually have an indirect involvement on various things YYE does.

I’m just a one-man operation. I do what I can with what I can. I know what works.


Here’s the note from the website:

Pretty much the same as the message when you sign on.


I rarely see anyone on the chat when I go in there and try to chat. There are usually a few people on but nobody saying anything so I stopped going to it. So doesn’t bother me any.


i really think studio has somethin’ to say here…but it’s hard for me to read through all the verbage. any chance of includin’ pics to make the post flow better?


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Seems some people missed this.

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I wonder what happened to yoyobot in the chat.


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