Smashing, Sengoku, UNPRLD - Prices Dropped!

(Brian Datz) #1

UNPRLD Flashback blue, few dings $60
Sengoku coldfire Red $45
Spectacle b-day splash $65

Take the above for $110

Diffraction - Raw mint – $OLD
Magpie - Gone

M+ Pink - Gone
(would also consider even trade toward new gully with reputable members)

+$3 shipping in the U.S

Please let me know if you have any questions.

(Brian Datz) #2

Daily thread bump. Let me know if you have any questions

(Brian Datz) #3

Bumpity bump bump


willing to ship overseas?


Coldfire is a steal for such an amazing and unique throw!

(Brian Datz) #6

Hey, sorry I missed this. I do ship internationally, but I add +$15 USD for shipping.

(Brian Datz) #7

Daily bump – TO DA TOP!

(Brian Datz) #8

Dropped price on M+ and spectacle. Other prices reduced yesterday.

(Brian Datz) #9

dip dop bing… bump!

(Brian Datz) #10

M+ and Magpie gone – bundle price reduced.

(David Hough) #11

PM Sent.

(Brian Datz) #12

2 bi-metals, 1 mono $110 – it’s a steal! Get at me.

(Brian Datz) #13