Idk if he’s a troll or just doesn’t understand how haggling works. He messaged me asking what I wanted for my TP Paranoid and DoubleJoker. I told him I didn’t kno what they were worth and to make me an offer. He offered me $75 for the Paranoid, I agreed and sent him my paypal info. A few minutes later he messaged me and said the throw isn’t worth $75 and to make it a fair deal I needed to throw in a popstar and only charge him $65. I’ve never heard of someone offering u an amount of money for something and then trying to tell u what u have isn’t worth it. Sorry but this just irritated me because I felt like he was trying to waste my time. If u didn’t wanna pay $75 why would u offer it. I let u pick ur price and ur not happy with it?


Just a reminder here folks, feedback is only warranted when a deal is actually made and completed (or not as the case may be) and you are either ecstatic or disappointed with the outcome. If someone backs out, no deal occurred and no feedback is warranted. Feed back on failed negotiations is not warranted.

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