Skating pictures!

(Bradley Moss) #1

I took some pictures of my little brother skating, we’re going to the skate park this up coming saturday to get some more with ramps, rails, and all the fun stuff up there. These were just taken in front of our house. Enjoi!

Comments / criticism is greatly appreciated!


Really liking the ninth.

(Mitch) #3

Yeah, the ninth and the last one are pretty awesome,

(Bradley Moss) #4

thanks guys

(Teapot Drake YoyoExpert) #5

u know this is a yoyo website? and they are really good by the way.


What kind of deck is that?

I’m gonna guess, enjoi?


You sir, just failed. Hard.

(Bradley Moss) #8

You know this is the unrelated discussion section? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a Blank.

(Bradley Moss) #9

Got MANY more at the skate park today!

Here are a few:

Check out the rest HERE!!!

(JackG) #10

long haired one needs a haircut

(Bradley Moss) #11

he actually just got one a week ago. as did i.

(Mikey) #12

If you skate, you most likely have hair at least over your eyes.

(Raphael) #13

Very Steriotipical, Danny Way, Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen and many others have short hair.

(Bradley Moss) #14

Same with P-Rod (Paul Rodrigez), Rob Dyrdeck, Ryan Sheckler, Bucky Lasek, Chris Cole, Bob Burnquist, Keegan Sauder, and andrew reynolds are some more to name…


In my opinion any action shot is pretty sick

(marcusWsteadman) #16

My fav riders. Bam margara, tony hawk, rob dyrdek, ryan sheckler and p-rod.
How about you?


nice kick flips look clean and the nose manual looks beast. Trying taking pics of tres though they look the best on camera

(Bradley Moss) #18

Thanks, the very first pic i posted actually is a tre lol.


oh i thought that was a late flip

(Bradley Moss) #20

Nope, I actually got 2-3 pics of tres. haha.