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Sup peeps, I started skateboarding a month or two ago and the cheap complete board I got at Big 5 is starting to chip badly. So I decided it is time to get a new board. Since I am relatively new at this I need some help. I am a street skater. I pretty much fail when it comes to vert. So I want to get a thinner skateboard with smaller wheels right? Please forgive my noobness lol. I really dont know what to get. What do you guys have? How much should I spend? What brands should I think about? Oh, and just to let you know I live in a strict household so I cant get any board with skulls, language, or pretty much anything bad. I know right!

Edit: So I was looking around and I found some cheap Mini logos for like 26$. How do those play?

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How about this one.

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go to a skate shop and ask them. but yea, street skating is easier with smalller wheels, but you dont really need a thinner board. i skate street with an 8.0’’ deck and 52 mm wheels and lo rise trucks.


well if your a small kid then get the minis there loads of fun

as for boards in general you dont really need a thinner board
its the wheels and tightness of your trucks

thinner boards snap easier

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Ok cool thanks guys. I will look at some skate shops in my area, I have like 4.
So I was looking at and saw some cool stuff. I figured I can get completes for less than buying everything seperate. This enjoi looks amazing: But should I buy everything seperate?


that enjoi is awsum
and the trucks are cool royals were my fav back in the day

get it if you like the board

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Sweet, now all I got to do is get the money.


Back when I used to skate I used to buy through CCS, the usually had pretty good deals.

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WOW they do have good deals. Thanks bro.


I think you should either get a Zero –

Chocolate –

Foundation –

Stereo –


I have a soft spot for Flip or Enjoi.


hey BRO! (i consider all skater bro but ya watever) U CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE, well not rly but yeah i will help u, First of all i am a street skater as well, 2nd of all trust me i had boards that msrp over 100, which i get them for 60s but still chips hard. Any way for good brands, you can google it, and i have tried mostly every brand, i found that element, flip and almost to be my favoite brands of all time.
I tried other company such as enjoi and girls and a lot more, but i just found element, flip and almost have the best pop’s, lasting, and also weight/size. One thing to consider before you buy a deck is do you like your deck to have more concave? Concave is not the nose or tail, it is the whole board how much it curves, if u hold u board up, u can see it curve on both side starting from the truck’s spot. Some say more concave helps you do flip tricks, and yes that’s true but i found that having too much concave is not that great, so make tried to find a balance, but do not look for something so little concave that it’s pretty much flat. So whichever deck you planning on buying, do some research on the company and the board first.
Some say 7 ply solid board might be the best, others with those technology is just scam, some of it is true, but i found some to be rly nice, such as the element push ( SWEET POP…did chipped tho… which i think is the only flaw), flip p2 ( last long time, great board overall, it’s just awesome), almost’s boards (Amazing board, but found them to be inconsisdence on making their boards). so tell me what you like, more concave? Size (mostly important is the width [if unsure, can use shoe size to determin, but it’s usally a not the best exactly size, best is to skate it and know it, but do give you some where around that]) and for wheels, i would highly recomment bones street tech fourmular or ricta’s, but they are hard wheels, which might give u a hard time to skate around bad quality street, but i like that they can powerslide, and rly no flatspots and just great technical skate wheels. bearings just go for reds, unless u are a type of person that like to speed so fast, but bearings dont rly affect ur tricks. i have bones swiss ceramic, mad expansive, but that’s only coz i really enjoy speeding down streets, and that my friends gather some money for my birthday lol so ya tell me what u like and i can tell u what u should get or suggestions


css = a lot of things, but usally is more expansive, try looking in skateboard warehouse, warehouse skate <— two different companys, similar tho… and look into <— i got some rly cheap decks from them, and they are actually good decks that cost a lot (such as push element which i got one from them b4 for 65 while msrp being 110 and other site sells for about 90 ish. so ya

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Dude I was just playing about the flatface they are fingerboards not skateboards.

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if u have a bc surf and sport around where you live theyre decks are super sick. they are only like $40 and have good pop. they also have a whole buttload of sizing options. and very apropriate graphics.

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Wow thanks all of you guys.
JohnsonKan - Wow thanks for all the tips. So I like just gaping stuff and ollieing (spelling?) right now. That is pretty much all I can do. I wanna be able to do street stuff like grinding, kickflips, you know. I dont want to do any vert or anything like that. The board that I have now, Anex, has really loose trucks so I loose balance everytime I pop for an ollie, also it is really wide which fells kinda weird to me. I fells kinda hefty to ride on. I tried my friends Zero and I was like WHOA!!! I did a perfect ollie without even trying. So I guess I would like a 7.5 inch board. I also like boards with a lot of pop. So all in all I kinda want a light weight, 7.5 inch board with a lot of pop and is great for street skating. Do I make sense?

Thanks Icthus I will check on these.

Oh I know LOL! Still awesome to play around with them.

Aw man! I dont have a bc surf near me. Do they have a website?

Edit: I just found this amazing complete almost for 90.


I have an enjoi… really nice board… Is pretty heavy, but it still has a nice pop to it. Its in the middle concave wise.

If you are looking for smaller wheels check out chocolate wheels. Small, nice, and pretty soft, so you can ride’em on any terrain.

If you ahve the money, and want a lot of pop, get a darkstar with a carbon fiber insert. They have NASTY pop! And if you can, try a rodney mullen uber light. They cost $120 bucks just for the deck, but weigh half as much as a standard board.

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Thanks Born2YoYo they sound nice. WOW there is a lot of choices. Do you guys think it is wiser to get seperates or completes. Cause if I get seperates I can get whatever parts I want. But if I get a complete it will cost less.


I always get a complete, and a couple extra parts just for fun :smiley:  <------ My freind ordered a think board from them. And gizzyo orderd a flip from them. Good place!