Single again (Maybe)


So I am almost willing to bet that my girlfriend is going to break up with me, and maybe it is for the better, but I was just wondering does anyone have any advice for how to enjoy being single again. That or Jokes would be appreciated to. :slight_smile:


I went through a break up recently too man.
So here’s what you do, go out with your friends, whether they’re guys or girls.
Don’t think about it too much, there’s other things out there to keep your mind off of it.
Don’t show her your sad and crushed about breaking up, smile.
IF it’s possible (and if you want to) try keeping it as friends, cuz you should never hate someone for breaking up with you, they had their reasons.
And if you do stay friends don’t talk about the times you two were together, treat her as you would any other friend.
Hope this helps man.
Most importantly though, CHEER UP!


That’s pretty good advice. If it does come down to that I will remember that.


I know this is kinda mean but this is my stratagy dump them first ya its mean but idc or if they break up with you dont act like anything happened and shell get mad cause you dont care and wanna go out with you again


Nothing quite matches the joy of doing something like ;D ;D that, but this isn’t one of those angry break ups. :-\


Dude, just wasn’t meant to be apparently.
And that’s cool.
Trust me, you will meet someone soon.

As for forgetting about it.
DON’T sit around in your house/apartment alone staring at the walls or T.V.

Exercise, when I suffered through break ups in the past, running, biking or canoing really helped to get them off your mind, and really gets rid of the BLAHs.

Friends, like stated above. Really works if you have some good ones laying around. But don’t talk about her too much. Just enjoy yourself man.

I had those moments in my life centuries ago. Thought I was never going to hook up with anyone that fit my desires. Well I did, it just takes time. Celebrating 20 years of marriage this August, yeah I am pretty damn old.

And believe it or not, it’s true what they say. Don’t go looking for Love, it will find you.
Wife and I were friends for years and we never thought of each other in that way, then one day it just happened. Same will happen to you man.


Erm… Why maybe???

But anyways, it’s better to break up now then to either have a really unhappy future together because she doesn’t like you… or get married, have children, and then divorce. That’s my idea anyways.


if you break up i have a sollution! just yoyo. buy a new throw and play with it like heck!

(Joshhh) #9

what you do, bring one of your close friends whos a girl, go up to your girlfriend, let her break up with you, leave, she will be so confused its hilarious, especially if she doesnt know the girl. if she asks, be like oh this? this is nobody dont worry about her shes none of your concern hehehhehe.


HEHE ;D Funny story I actually did almost the same thing with first quote unquote girl friend. I felt bad afterward, but it did make for a funny story.


Ooh ok so first off double posting I know AHHH sinner anywho.

It’s a maybe because we are in the whole whats going to make us both happier phase. She’s kinda got this whole depression(NESS) so it sounds like we may or may not end the relationship we are in. So I say maybe just because it’s in the determining phase.

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Go party. Only solution. haha.

(LookAYoYo) #13

ok if she is depressed, help her out. take her to fun places.

if it just ends, DO NOT GET DRUNK. when you are drunk, it makes what ever emotions you feel stronger. if you are sad, you get sadder, if you are happy, you get happier.

hang out with friends, meet some new people, start fun things. after my first (and only) bad break up, i was sad. my friends came over and we had a chat. long story short now, every friday night is movie night.


Dang man that is awesome.

Heck Yeah