hi all! iv got a pic on my computer that i want as a sig at the bottom of my posts but i have no idea how to make one! lol any advice would be great! cheers oli


I have the same problem ???


First, you need to upload it to a website. Here are a couple that you can use:

It’s pretty simple to upload, but if you have a problem, feel free to ask.

Then, you’ll need to get the link to the image. The website where you uploaded your image will most likely give you the link. Take the DIRECT link to the image. That means, if you follow the link, you’ll only see the image, not a website or anything.

Put the direct link inbetween img tags, like so:

And put that code into the signature area when you are editing your profile. That will come out to be this:

I shall add a better version of this into my forum guide.




thanks fot the help! il have a bash!..yeah it worked! cheers!

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #6

I still don’t get how to get the direct link. :frowning:


You can right click an image and choose Copy Image Location or View Image. If you choose View Image, you can copy the URL, which is just like using Copy Image Location.

(Mark) #8

Also, if you are on something like photobucket. You can “right-click” (On Mac, I think tap with two fingers) and click properties. Then it will list the Url in the properties.


I’m trying out this signature. phiz


Phiz-- For you Picture on the bottom Sig-- Put http://(Your Link to Picture) instead of just the link.