how do people get there signatures to be personalized picturrres


Photo editing software like Paint, but better.


Most people who don’t know how to use photo editing softwares use Banner Fans.

Pros like JM, DV888, KAPcom, some other people use photoshop. They make pro sigs.

People like me use (not paint, There are some sigs that I made for people.

If you want, i could help you make one, Just tell me what exactly you want on the sig, what yoyo and words.


could you make something with green and blue and the word Yoyomaster242 and a picture of a green dv888. that would be awsome. then could you tell me how to set it as my sig


Once he makes it, click on “profile” at the top and find something about your forum profile on the left. There will be something about your signature so just put it in there.


thanks apetrunk you seem like a cool person


Thanks. There is a “thank you” button too, just to let you know.


Okay, I’ll start working on it. Shouldn’t be long.


How do you like this? I hope you do ;D

I actually had alot more fun (More problems, effort and hard work = fun ;D) making this sig than most others ;D Really. Lol most of my trouble came from making a Green DV888 Render, that was almost impossible. I had a lot of fun making it though. I have to thank you for actually giving me instructions on this. Usually, I just make a random background randomly, so i must thank you for telling me to make it blue and green :wink:

To put it in your signature, go to the profile tab which is here: .

Then, find the button “Forum Profile Information”

Then at your signature, copy this code and paste it there.

EDIT: Changed the filetype to .png, the .jpg made me lose too much detail.


thats awesome. thank you i will test it with this it should be at the bottom.


Ya lol


i looked at but it didnt work out for me

(JM) #13

Why not?


I’m just not much of a computer person