Hey how do you get signatures for the forums :slight_smile:


The text box in which the signature can be placed is located [here]. Plain text and BB code can be added to that box.


Where do you get bb code


I type it in by hand. You could do that or just copy and paste it from various sources. I suggest reading [this] to understand it better.


how do you get a pic for it


If you haven’t already, go upload your picture to an image hosting website. Right click on the hosted image, click on Copy Image Location. Go to where you would add text for your signature, then where you want your image to be put image tags in and paste the images location between the image tags. Your final result should look like this:

your image's url here

for example, my signature looks like this:


ITS TOO TALL how do I get a yoyo sig

(Mikey) #8

If you want a yoyo sig, you could take a picture of the yoyo, put it in a photoshop type thing, and adjust it, I go to and make a background, copy it and go back to photoshop, adjust it, copy, go back to and upload it, and there should be a little button that says, “Get Codes Now!” Or something like that, and scroll down and it should say, “Code For Forums” Copy it and paste it in the Signature Box.

                                                          Hope It Helped


Ill make you a siggy, just give me a yoyo name, what color gradient you want, special fx, and text. I made mine :slight_smile:


Thanks for the offer but I made mine :wink: