(JackG) #1

how to make a signature?
what applicatiuon do you use


How’d you get yours?

I use Bannerfans.Com. Fast, easy, and free.

(Raphael) #3

I use and photo shop
I have heard of people using too

JM knows more about this…
spencerl. is good with this too.

(JM) #4

I personally use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.


Gimp for me. ( Free, like photoshop, but less stuff. After making a sig, post in and cut and paste the img code.


Or Imageshack.Us.

(Marvin.D) #7

i use 8)


I use Paint.Net. You were unhappy with the one I made you? :’( I can make another banner for you if you want. Want it? You know you do :stuck_out_tongue:

(Marvin.D) #9


(JackG) #10

ahh i just made mine with banner fans