Hey ,
Can you put the sleeping kirby Diag.
and can you put on the right/left of the sleeping kirby
Sleeper Kirby


What do you think of this? The Kirby isn’t diagonal, which is what I assume you mean, but I can change that if you want. It’s not that good, but if you tell me what you want to change, I’ll change it. :slight_smile:


Haha now i can slack ;D Nice sig Kim ;D


Nahh its Awesome ,
Nice background also ;]
Thanks Kim , <3
And Can You Tell me How to put it in my signature ? ,
kinda confused :confused:


Go to your profile, click Forum Profile Information, and find the Signature section. Put this code in the box to the right:

And then click Change Profile at the bottom.


Thanks Kimm ,


Sorry for bringing this post back up, but I need a pic for a signature. Here: