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Hey, like GM user asked can someone make a sig for me? I dont wanna sound like I’m copying GM I just want one :P. Could you just post it on the thread to see if I like it and I would prefer a Onedrop on it ;D. Thanks


Attached. This post has reached the maximum attachments, so i’m getting another post.

If you can give me a good photo of a one drop, i can get you a better sig.


Yep, those are your choices. Choose which one you want, you have a huge variety of choices. If you don’t like any of them…

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Could you like put the blue/nickel M1 with the 4th background? I would LOVE that ;D. And I’m sooo dumb but how can I put it on my sig?


Uh like this?


To put it in your signature, go to your Profile, click Forum Profile Information, and go down to the Signature section.

Put in this code in the box to the right, replacing the URL with the actual URL of the image:


Go down to the bottom and click Change Profile.

I figure you already know most of this since you already have a signature, but I typed it up anyways.

Edit: You’ll also have to download the image and then upload it elsewhere first. I forgot to mention that. You can use this website:


Oh, and don’t worry about copying me. I copied Samad. :stuck_out_tongue:


So… are you satisfied ? ;D

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Its…whats that word…ugh …tip of my tongue…o right, AMAZING!!! ;D

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But i tried to put the pic on and I dont understand the URL part, I downlaoded it with a URL but it wont show.


Put this into your signature:;topic=3523.0;attach=488;image

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KK ty sooo much!!!