Show off your Diabolo Gear!


Just post a pic of anything diabolo!
Here’s mine! :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a Higgins Brothers Diabolo. ;D
I got this diabolo last christmas and I havn’t used it for awhile. Till yesterday when I suprisinglly got 4 toss and catches in a row!


are diablos harder than spin tops?

(Lets Yo ^^) #3

Not really but if you play with it for a while,you’ll get use to it like,
Launching it up super high,doing whips,and other stuff.
Its sort or like offstring but with sticks and no bearins


Spin tops look way harder. I picked up Diabolo in about an afternoon. It’s really easy. Obviously there’s a lot more to it than I’ve learned, but the basics are just about the same as yo-yoing.

(Troy(oyo) #5

Does anyone know if getting carbon sticks is worth it? I use Henrys Aluminum and they cut up string. I need faster sticks because these are really slow and hard to learn infinite suicides and genocides with.

But i use a Sundia Fly (long axle)
For throwing around i like my Mister Babache Finesse with long axle kit.

(JayVee) #6

Carbon fiber sticks(at least the Zeekio ones) cut up the ends of the string in minutes. But it could be that the Zeekio Carbon Fiber sticks are just cheap($8).

A couple of them actually have one-way ball bearings. The Sundia Fly and Spinabolo diabolos have them.


where can i get good diabolos =/? i got a crappy $5 one at epcot, but i think its time for a new one.

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