Show off your desktop


Well, I’m sick today and I have been meaning to start a thread like this. Show off a screenshot of your desktop and post the picture here.

As always please post a smaller image (640 x 400 is great) and link back to the larger image.



Thats a sick Mac desktop!!!

(Kei) #4

This was once my desktop…


EDIT: sorry can’t find a picture in that size.


That’s just a pic. He wants to see what your desktop looks li

(Kei) #6

Oh, my bad.
Pic will be added soon.


Ike fire emblem

(Mitch) #8

How do I go about taking a picture… The Print Screen button right? Then how do I get to it?


Use print screen then paste it into a image editing program such as paint. Save the file then upload to Then choose the large thumbnail option and post that picture and link back to the larger version.

Here you go…

(Mitch) #11

There we go!